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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Bull Flag Fractals Everywhere!!

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People be aware. If we do not remedy this problem, there is a real possibility of a departure from this platform. If you can power up, please do. If not, I understand. One other thing you can do is make a blog post, about yourself being an individual. Something of substance. These idiots think he's running 5k or more bots....that doesn't even make sense. You can help by powering up and by individualizing yourself by posting a blog. Thank you all. I hope it doesn't come to departure, but I have no use for the abuse, and you shouldn't put up with it either.

If you do the math, with 6k followers and growing, even adding 10 SP each would be a huge step in the right direction. Consider this option please.


there were many who were bashing him while profiting from his tips. I caught one red handed. I even saw a mock post and some comments in it which showed patterns of at least basic understanding of EW and patterns.

I almost felt prophetic for calling for an invite only community with 2-3 posts a day on steemit for the public.

RP Rape is a manufactured crime and I say we need more of that. Don't just upvote shifu. Upvote the people who got flagged too. They deserve their reputation back and many more. This article says many things I want to say:

Spread the love and start raping.

I have quite a few. I’ll do this. Thank you

Good on you brother. Now start the withdrawal, it takes time, so start it now in case this goes way south.

what do you mean by withdrawl and going way south? I have some STEEM sitting on STEEM POWER when I open my wallet, is there anything else I'm supposed to do?

I'm not really familiar with STEEM so please help me understand what you meant.

I'm sorry, all new users should know this tells you, but maybe you missed it. When you power up, it is considered an investment in the system. It takes 13 weeks to withdraw that money back to steem. It does it incrementally every 7 days. Click the arrow next to your steem power and click power down. Then slide your slider all the way to the right, and power down. You still get to use your steem power while you power down. If you put more in and powerdown again, it resets the 13 weeks....just something to be aware of.

Hi Scarlet, Haejin, Blog friends!
Would be interested in knowing where people keep some of their coins.
Trezor, Ledger nano, online?
Most interested in reliable place for BTS & XVG?
BTC is on my Trezor, however dont think it supports XVG or BTS....
The other issue I often think of, is if something goes quickly vertical and yo want to sell, could miss the boat while the blockchain is congested sending back to an exchange from a wallet, would love to hear thoughts for discussion..
Thanks!!! :)

Storing BTC in hardware is for holding, through the ups and downs. BTS is safely stored on the BTS DEC

Thanks Scarlet, still need to set up an account for bts on trading to you!

XVG has QT wallet. It is very slow to load, be patient.
Bitshares exchange is the most fun you can have in crypto.
Ledger holds many more coins, and adding more all the time, but user experience needs work. I prefer the trezor at the moment, with the coins it will hold.

Thank you!
Yes have a ledger and trezor and agree find the trezor must easier to use and feel more confident with it.
Bitshares exchange confuses me, if you have seen a good intro/set up video on youtube please share. Havent been able to find a good one yet :) Appreciate your input!

Sorry....I said I would do that a few days ago but all this other mess happened. I will try to get that done for those needing it.

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