First time investor: Single digit steem investment... and I'm in a bit of a profit already! :)

in bitcoin •  last year

In the world of crypto that whales, dolphins, minnows, and redfish trade in, I'm a bright red redfish trading in single digit Steem! YES, I finally joined the traders club today! With 6 steem in hand, earned on Steemit, I took the plunge!

I was aware that I need to register with a few sites, and I'd heard about blocktrades and bittrex. So I searched for info about these on Steemit.

Found many posts, one of which was @kafkanarchy84's excellent one on Because it is a video, and he runs us through the procedure step by step, I got really comfortable with the fields and where I could find what especially on Steemit. Check it out here: After watching it, I immediately opened an account with blocktrades.

Next, I watched @blocktalk's post on bittrex from last year "How to send Steem Dollars from Steemit to Bittrex exchange". I then opened up a Bittrex account and sent all of my Steem, the entire lot of 6.009 steem there! Can you imagine my excitement when the amount turned up there??

I was dying to trade. So I sold my 6 Steem for Bitcoin!

I got 0.002 Bitcoin. I wanted to be on the other side of the decimal. So I went exploring and finally decided to get some Ripple.

I exchanged my Bitcoin for 37 Ripples or whatever they are called! So I'm now the proud owner of Ripple coins!! Oh, and I am running in profit already! :) Beginners luck or whatever it is, I'm absolutely thrilled.

The value of my holding was 8.34 USD when I first traded it. And now, in a few hours, it has gone up. Currently, the value of my holding is 8.99! :)

What I have traded may be the most insignificant amount ever, but for me, it is my hard earned money on Steemit and I'm incredibly proud of it. Steemit's given me a new direction in life. And as I'm headed that way, please wish me luck! It will be the encouragement I need to learn more and share more. Thank you, Steemit!

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Dont you like to keep power in steem?


Of course! I want to have more steem power.
I'm learning trading to facilitate just that.

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Wow! Thank you @randowhale! Thank you @satchmo! :)


@satchmo! What timing! Thank you so much! :)

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Love this post!

Personally I've always had the impression that trading and investing meant having to put in lots of money (and is something mostly only rich people do), hence why it took me a while before I got into it myself. Maybe it's to do with thinking if the investment's too small, the profits will be so small that it's not worth bothering with?

Well I've definitely been learning that it's absolutely ok, in fact very ideal to start small, and that it's not pointless at all. And how you've started is even better, since it wasn't even any fiat to start with.

We need more posts like these to "normalize" trading and investing, to help people understand that trading and investing is more accessible than they might think.

Thanks for posting. I might do a post similar to this soon as well :)


Thank you @redrica! Yes, I felt absolutely the same before. But, then I thought I was missing out the opportunity to 'learn how to trade' while I was sitting there waiting for funds to come in. That one thought changed everything and I decided to go ahead with what I had. It's an attitude shift, but I'm okay with it now. Atleast this way, the day I do get some funds, I can get some action immediately. I won't have to spend the day learning. I'll be ready. :) Thank you for your nice words. I'll look forward to your post. :)


I totally agree :) And isn't it great that cryptocurrencies has made this all a bit more accessible to all of us? Here's to our journeys in trading and investing :)

I will definitely try and get a post out on this soon, it's been in my mind for a while, so I can't wait to finally put it on paper!

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Oh, you've been hooked, you little redfish! 😀


Hahaha... I sure am! ;)

Thanks for stopping by @geke. :)

Well done, I have dipped my little toe into crypto.

This is a great post to help me get started, thanks :-)


Oh, did you too? I wish you lots of good luck and market situations! :)
Make a post about it if you can @scottish01. I'd love to know more.


I will do, the hard part is just finding the time :-)