How to get maximum benefit from single position in forex

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I want to talk about maximum benefit(Profit) from a single position.

Here we take example of our recent trade. USDJPY

What's my strategy for forex?

I bought USDJPY at 104.862 on last friday with target of 106.00

(expect target will be hit within 8 days)

That trade will be for a week.

But on same time I will trade buy positions on USDJPY daily for scalping.

e.g one buy position at 104.862, I will not touch that position until it hit my target 106.00.

Daily buy positions will be open at 104.900,104.987 & close at 105.085,105.215 etc (IN & OUT)

3 to 5 trades daily to get maximum benefit.

But for that you need good tactics means entry & exists points.

No worries I will help you in day trading as well.

You need to be more active on your whatsapp for daily trades.(Entry & Exist points)

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Our long position still open: $405 (In profit)


Today profit on 3 closed positions are : $530


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Wish you more.

Wich amount did you invest?