Bitcoin Update 01.03.2018 (Current Price $10,816)

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Hello Steemains

Hope everyone doing well.

I expect price will cross $11,500 in next 24 hours

Next 24hours Price Channel $10630-11,800

This time I expect price will cross 11k and will hold it for more gains towards 14k.

My Last 24 hours Expected Range ($10250-11100)

Price went lower to $10258 & bounce back from there towards $11,080

If you missed previous prediction check link

My last buy call was $6900 on 05.02.2018 but the one who missed that opportunity

for them was $9550 on 25.02.2018

I will stand by my words what I said that (on 25.02.2018)

(I expect we will not see $9000 again)

Please everyone make his own decision

Short term target $14000

Long term target 20,000 by 30 March 2018 (My prediction from JAN 2018)

SOME analysts still believe that price will see 4K or 6k.(However, I do not agree with this)

What's next for King Bitcoin?

Parabolic SAR Buy & Ichimoku cloud indicators give

us early sign of new uptrend direction


After Doji candle , two more green candle

I expect current candle will close as green to make

Three White Soldiers Pattern.

In next 5 days I expect one more

Three white Soldiers Pattern

which will push price more upside

One more good sign is that

ADX value +0.2155 on a daily chart


Trend complete showing signs towards short target

$14000 follow by $117500 & $20,000

MACD shows more uptrend run

& all small pullbacks will cover in

my 24 hour Price Channel


I expect price will go over $11,500 in next 24 hours

Next 24 hours Price Channel ($10,630-$11,800)


Want to become a good trader?

Go through lessons (by salahuddin2004)

Lesson # 1 (Support/Resistance levels)

Lession # 2 (Breakout/Breakdown/New Support/New Resistance)

Top 70 Cryptocurrencies (Buying points/Target points) by me

FOR requesting TA, Whatsapp me

Don't Forget to Resteem.

Thank you.

Take care.

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Thanks again for the analysis. I just bought more steem power because it feels very low. Any thoughts on the technicals of Steem?


sir your predictions are masterclass.

Hello @salahuddin2004,

Thank for the update :)

It would be great if you can update 2 times per day and update the lesson 3 as well :)

I can’t believe I’m following 004, they just approved my account. Your my first follow. Please don’t stop the updates. Great community that is following you.

Hope to see $117,500 some day but assume that should have been $17,500????


Sir @bobreedo
My bad
I mean $17500. Thank you for figuring out.


Sir @bobreedo
My bad
I mean $17500. Thank you for figuring out.

thanks for the amazing opnian! I always concentrated on your detail alnalze composition.

I believe the price will go back to 20,000, because every day more and more people enter the crypto coins, but do not know if it will be so fast.
I bought bitcoin when it cost 15,000 I'm hoping it goes up, if I did not lose money .
I'll buy Steem, does anyone know any exchange where I can add money through Paypal ?????
I had money in Perfect Money and I added it all into Crypto coins.
Sorry for the error, I'm using the translator.


Hello Amabuba,
There are no exchanges I am aware of that allow Paypal as Paypal terms and conditions do not allow you to purchase cryptocurrency.
However, you can use LocalBitcoins to buy from private sellers using paypal, but usually at a higher rate.


Dear @amabuba
Don’t worry you will not lose any money
Just hold on.

It's oversight and dangerous. Thank God is getting normal now