Why FED's Puppet Congressman Sherman Wants to Ban Bitcoin

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There is no denying the power of cryptocurrency to change the world.

The problem is that some of those controlling the world don’t like that. Those in power see that cryptocurrency is beyond borders and that it empowers all of us to become sovereign entities, able to transcend the shackles of nationalism and the policies of politicians who want to keep us enslaved to their old order and who want to maintain their grip on the world through the old financial system.

Well the old political and financial power structures are slowly being usurped by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and no one is more distressed about it than those who currently run the currency show, namely the Americans with their dollar hegemony and questionable petro-dollar status as the world currency.

Admittedly not all American politicians are anti crypto. Some are actually trying to usher in the next technological advancement and want to pass laws that will facilitate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

But some, like Democrat US Congressman Brad Sherman from California, are digging in their heels and calling for an outright outlawing of cryptocurrencies. Sherman’s call for a ban of bitcoin is his attempt to pre-emptively block the blockchain, which he sees as a threat to the global power of the dollar and thereby also of America.

He stated in Congress that:

“An awful lot of our international power stems from the fact that the dollar is the standard unit of international finance and transactions; clearing through the NY Fed is critical for oil and other transactions, and it is the announced purpose of the supporters of cryptocurrencies to take that power away from us.”

Congressman Sherman may have a valid point.


America has gained financial power over the entire world by forcing us to use the dollar whenever we need to buy oil. And this is morally wrong. Also he mentioned that transactions go through the Federal Reserve of America.

And this is even more wrong.

He is trying to protect the Fed which is historically a private organization. Sherman is a Zionist trying to protect the Zionists who run the criminal organization known as the Fed, which is the money-lender of last resort that runs America. It’s as simple as that.

America is controlled like a puppet state by Zionists who run the world and Sherman is trying to force America to pass laws banning the very champion that will destroy their criminal enterprise, namely bitcoin.

This is why bitcoin exists – to usurp the ill-gotten grip of the Zionist bankers around the throats of global humanity. And that grip is militarily enforced by America. America is the sword of the Zionist bankers and their Fed is the printing house of unlimited amounts of paper fiat money, worth nothing, backed by nothing, yet used to dominate, extort, crush and dictate over planet earth and all its inhabitants.

And bitcoin was born to destroy that.

Historically it was in the aftermath of the last global financial recession of 2008 that bitcoin was created. When the American housing market crashed because the American economists were corruptly selling junk mortgages wrapped up as good ones, they set the domino effect off that brought the financial world crashing to its knees. The Fed then simply printed more worthless paper money and bailed out not the people, but the criminals who perpetrated the crimes, namely the banks. They committed the biggest financial crime of the century so far, and the world economy has never recovered and is still reeling on the brink of further total collapse.

The Fed is rotten and must be destroyed.

Kennedy tried and was assassinated for that very reason. The Jewish bankers now see bitcoin as their nemesis and are using puppets like Sherman to try to stop it. American power is based on the hollow dollar and backed by nothing other than bullies with bigger guns and Sherman tanks. Similarly the dollar hegemony of the Zionist-run Fed is illegal and immoral. Anyone who has studied the history of Zionism, economics, America and the Fed knows this. They are destroying entire nations of millions of people so that they can maintain world power.

And they do this by sanctions, based on the petro-dollar.

Sherman went on to say that extra-national cryptocurrency would “Put us in the position where the significant sanctions we have on Iran, for example, would become irrelevant.” And that is the whole point. America has put crippling and murderous sanctions on Iran precisely because Iran is one of the top oil producers in the world and they don’t like American or, more specifically, Zionist interference or bullying. Iran is next door to Israel, their historic enemy, and since Zionist Israel wants to rule the world, they can’t have their enemies in the Middle East becoming secure via their own oil trade. So by putting sanctions on Iran they are blocking Iran’s oil trade which has to be done in dollars.

The same can be said for America’s other main enemies – Syria, Libya and Venezuela – all top oil rich nations on the planet, and all thus under sanctions or already smashed by illegal military intervention or war crimes, as in the case of Libya and Syria, and soon Venezuela, if only they had their way.

Well bitcoin won’t let them have their way.

This is the original fundamental purpose and raison d’etre of bitcoin – to undermine the crimes of the Fed and their paper dollar, to return sovereignty to the people, and to free us from Zionist slavery. Do you remember the days of slavery? Today the whip is in the hand of the very people that history makes out were the oppressed slaves themselves. Those slaves who allegedly left Egypt in the days of Moses are the ones enslaving the world today via the Fed and the dollar.

And bitcoin is here to fight them.

Sherman may try to ride his tank over the corpses of the poor, crushing their skulls with debt and taxes, but bitcoin will not allow that, which is why he is desperate to ban it.

These are the twitches of a dying power as they become disempowered by bitcoin. You can now engage in your financial transactions without the banks when you use crypto. Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, etc are collectively deciding to go off the perto-dollar. They will now trade oil in their own or another currency other than the dollar.

It’s over, the perto-dollar is finished.

It’s just a matter of time, and this ten year old bitcoin based on cryptography is the new kid on the blockchain. If you’re happy that your taxpayer dollars go toward funding genocide in countries on the other side of the globe then go ahead and continue your serfdom to the Zionist-run American Empire.

The rest of us will be using bitcoin.

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It is too late to stop the machine, this financial system suck anyway.

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I believe it is too late Sir!


Crypto is here to stay and will overtake the world!

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Thank very much @runicar for this information, crpto is changing the world market and that is their fear, but the question is do they have the influence of changing this?

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