Samson Mow, Steemitjp, And I Memed By The Great Meme Lord, DanDarkPil On Twitter!

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What a way to start a Sunday, by having DanDarkPil meme you along with Samson, @steemitjp, and Roger on Twitter.


Samson was giving an interview at a conference recently when Roger started shouting from the audience, demanding Samson debate him. Samson debated Roger in Korea earlier this year just after the above picture was taken. That was the famous "Babies are dying!" debate.

The thing is, this was an interview of Samson, not a debate with Roger. Roger interjected himself and Samson handled it like any rational person would when being harassed by a disturbed individual, he declined Roger's bait. When Roger wouldn't stop, Samson ended the interview. Roger is not a good faith actor as evidenced by his constant BTC FUD and support of Faketoshi.

Here is the video.

Samson said, "Let the internet decide who is right in the scaling wars." I would go a step further, let the world decided, put their money where their mouth is. The world has clearly spoken, BTC is bitcoin.

Which leads us back to the meme. DanDarkPil

Dan decided to savage Roger as the unstable stalker he is becoming, by showing up where he was not invited, like our meeting with Samson in Tokyo, lol, or other meetings Samoson has had...

Source DanDarkPil

I am honored to have been forever enshrined in the CryptoTwitter "bitcoin scaling meme wars" thanks to Dan and Samson. I'll keep doing my part by mining BTC, running my own full node and working on getting my LN node up.

One last comment on Bcash and the clusterfuck it is. There is a raging scaling debate going on between half of the community with a likely fork coming up in November. Faketoshi is leading the charge with Bitcoin SV while Peter Rizun and others lead the Bitcoin Unlimited side. All this as BCH continues it's death spiral.

While I disagree with Peter, at least he is a real scientist and Dev. Faketoshi is a scammer who is full of copypasta.

Thanks for reading!

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