nothing digital is safe from alterations

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

There's nothing digital that cannot be changed. The entire internet and everything ever written on it can be altered. I have proof of that because it happened to me.. My original poem was altered in a very obvious way. The title was "it's ok to be Goy". I don't know how it was done, but I suspect it was artificial intelligence... The letter "a" was inserted before the word Goy... So now it reads ((it's ok to be "a" Goy)).. Now it doesn't flow with the poem!!! I used it's ok to be white meme as my theme. It pissed me off enough to reupload it..

This is digital harassment and vandalism..
This shows me I'm over the target because I'm taking flak.. What this proves is everything digital including crypto currency can be easily destroyed by the powers that shouldn't be.. It doesn't matter how many places you have it stored in it can be altered.. The technology is so far ahead of where we think it is. If you want to play with crypto only use what you can afford to lose. I suspect everything ever written on the internet has a back door key to it. A self-destruct or way to alter it.. I was not a believer in the Mandela effect. I'm still not positive about the Mandela effect but I know for a fact that my poem was altered and I'm not happy about it. I thought this site was secure but NOTHING digital is. This isn't a criticism of Steemit it's just a wake up call for everyone. This poem was altered on every platform that it was shared. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gab... Every one of them was altered even on my friends computers who shared it!!! That's why it's called the internet everything is connected to this spider web of data.. Everything sent over this network is secretly coded so that it can be altered or destroyed at a later date.. Nothing is permanent on the internet. All cryptocurrency can be destroyed with one click.. The Internet of things already exists and it has for a long time.. Thousands of people read this poem and downloaded it before it was altered.. Every single copy was changed!!! I'm not trying to shit on cryptocurrency at all... But the people who created the internet built back doors into it so they'll always have control... If they don't like you they can erase your crypto or delete your bank account.

I'm sorry to say the system is completely corrupt and this just verifies it for me.. You may think I'm making this up but I'm not. I want everyone to know that the internet is monitored and hackable even blockchain... Let's work on cleaning up the system so we can have an honest internet..

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The version with the 'a' in it got much more votes though...


That's because it's my second time posting it. I got 200 votes in the first hour and only 5 more for the next 7 days. Somebody put the brakes on that one to stop it from trending.. I don't get how 205 votes is only worth $0.09.