Where Will Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency be this Time Next Year? I'd Really Love to Hear Your Opinion. Is this 'The Black Pope' Up to His Shenanigans Again?' (lol)

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I always like trying to get different perspectives on any topic that truly matters, and I believe the cryptocurrency revolution is one of the biggest events to happen to mankind. That may sound like an exaggeration, but I believe it is poised to offer us true freedom, from oftentimes somewhat tyrannical governments. That's just my take on it. We obviously need a different/better way.

I don't believe anyone, even Satoshi himself (or her, or their, if I'm being fair), could have even began to imagine where we'd be in the development of things, at first with Bitcoin, and now with many other very promising cryptocurrency projects.

Anyway, I was reading a post by @the-alien just a day or two ago, and he was telling the story of his conversation with an Uber driver in which the driver stated that The Black Pope had actually invented Bitcoin, and that they were mining Bitcoin in the basement of the Vatican. lol Honestly, that's a little out there for me to believe, but as I said, I do always enjoy hearing different opinions, as I believe that's what continues to move us forward. Albeit many times with a few steps back, some a bit sideways, and still others directly toward a place I don't wanna go.

Here's a link to the Uber driver story.

It was...uh...different, to say the least.

Thanks for all opinions.

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LOL @ The Black Pope!! Bwahahahah. Hollywood should buy the rights to that story and make a movie with Robert Deniro as the The Black Pope.


I know. I thought I'd heard it all, but people can always seem to surprise me. I do know that the Earth is flat though! lol I guess I shouldn't joke about that. There seems to be a lot of Flat Earthers now, and I try to accept that everyone has a right to their own opinions. It's just really difficult sometimes.

lol that's a good story. Truth is often stranger than fiction, so who knows. I've heard a good one that it was Google all along, as they are building their own internet backbone first before revealing it was them. Regardless of who it was, they were probably part of a larger organization and able to cover their own tracks.


I agree. The whole 'Satoshi Nakamoto' thing just doesn't feel right. I believe there were/are devious minds behind it. I've heard the CIA, The Federal Reserve, and all the usual suspects. If the government was behind it we'll eventually know, I believe. I've also heard that it was someone (or a group) in the CIA that did it in order to break the tyrannical grip The Federal Reserve has on our money (and us). They're usually the ones that we can't trust, so that doesn't ring true either. It would be interesting to find out.


yeah considering authorities are now using Bitcoin to track crimes that use it, because bitcoin is 100% transparent and the history is permanent. That part of Bitcoin seems careless in hindsight, but I guess that's what coins like Monero are for.


Yep, I bought Monero a while back@ $86.xx, and it's been up over $400 since, in a very short time, and is sitting at $346.42 as I type this, so there is a lot of interest in the privacy coins. ZCash has had similar gains. I like Monero because it's always private. It also seems to have a tight, and dedicated team that seems to have the same future in mind for Monero. I've yet to hear of a Monero 'split,' and how many times has Bitcoin split now? lol These hacker/thieves are also asking for the ransom to be paid in Monero on these Ransomware attacks, instead of Bitcoin. They know.

I guess some would call me paranoid, and I probably am, but I can see the day where the governments, or at the least the US Government will have their own, "Digital Currency," and to use anything else will be illegal, and the dissidents will be using coins like Monero.

"Black Pope!!" lol I think Bitcoin will be at about $35,000 by this time next year, but that's a wild guess, of course. ;-)

Black Pope! :-) Funny.
A story that would come as a comedy.

My opinion on Cryptos next year.

It will be everyone's thing.

Transactions might become difficult on the network due to overcrowding.


"Everyone's thing," I believe you're right. I'll ask people, when I think of it, if they know about Bitcoin. Probably 98% of them will say, "Heard of what?," with a goofy look on their face. Once this stuff really goes mainstream, the cryptos are gonna explode. At least I believe they will.

Happy New Year! Cryptos and Steemit for 2018!

Everything's a conspiracy!!


I think you're right! There's a documentary entitled, "Everything is a Rich Man's Trick," and I think they nailed it. They've got us by the balls! lol



Uh oh, I was being sarcastic :)

So we can just agree to disagree here...


Not a problem. We're all entitled to our opinions...for now. lol

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