Crypto on the Presidential Campaign

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell from California said he wanted to turn the country into a crypto nation if he were to win the US presidential seat. 38-year-old Eric Swalwell was accepting BTC, BCH, XLM, ETH, BSV, and WSD to fund his 2020 presidential campaign. Armed with a crypto contribution campaign site, Swalwell was making positive headlines stating that “Blockchain can change the world if we let it.”


A crypto supporting presidential candidate is a big deal for the crypto community because support like this from a national position was bringing more attention to crypto and helping to put a positive stamp on its significance. Sadly, Swalwell quickly pulled out of the race leaving only two other full-on crypto supporting presidential candidates; John McAfee and Andrew Yang. John McAfee the “Crypto Crusader” who’s slogan is “Don’t Vote McAfee” just wants to bring national awareness to the positive aspects of cryptocurrency so that people can decide for themselves if they would like financial freedom through cryptocurrency. Andrew Yang, a democratic candidate, believes that crypto must be a part of the future of the US.


For so long the government has been trying to ignore cryptocurrency but here we have another avenue in which crypto must be acknowledged. With two presidential candidates advocating for and accepting cryptocurrency as campaign donations the government is being forced to show acknowledgment and this is why cryptocurrency is accepted by the Federal Election Commission for presidential election contributions.


I personally don’t think McAfee nor Yang have any chance of even coming close to becoming president but just their presence on the national political scene is enough to get crypto into the fold. The US Federal Election Commission allowing crypto for contributions says a lot against the sitting presidents' assertions that cryptocurrency has no value and the most important thing here is that presidential candidates are showing support for crypto to the nation and this is another win for us!



Very informative post!
Isn’t there a requirement for candidates to keep track of who their major contributors are? I would think it would be hard to do given the nature of crypto. Yes, bitcoin can be traced, but you have to know who owns the sending addresses. Not too hard to obscure for a determined contributor! But as you say, probably less of an issue for those not likely to win.

Thank you @jdkennedy. It's a new day and it's get with the times or get left behind for the naysayers. In my opinion, It's on the Commission to figure out the technicalities. As long as crypto is in the game it's a win for us! Besides If the commission has no way to keep track of crypto contributors they will not have a way to dispute whatever information the crypto accepting candidate submits to them. Go Bitcoin!

Great idea of​this candidate

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The future lies in cryptocurrencies

Seems this will be a topic brought up at the elections since it already got a light light shined on it by the President himeself. Not sure about bitcoin and politics seems like an interesting thing to debate for united states presidents definitely makes it a "thing". Very interesting thing to think about.

Hello dear friend @restmode.

You have made some very important statements in your post.

Recently Donald Trump posted on his Twitter account:

"I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. ..."

Such statements coming from this high representative, could cause great damage in the general opinion of potential crypto users. However, fortunately it was not so.

Today a government agency accepts that presidential candidates are financed through cryptography. This represents a big step in the right direction.
Now, who should we thank for cryptography being recognized at this level? To the candidates or the US administration?

Perhaps some eventuality occurs with the tracking of the origin of the funds. They should establish preconditions.

All best, Piotr.