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Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, but the same can’t be said about a majority of Bitcoin exchange platforms, except for Remitano. Many exchanges currently work as centralized platforms with conventional banking relationship to facilitate fiat deposits and withdrawals.


The inclusion of traditional banking system into Bitcoin-based infrastructure makes exchange platforms heavily dependent on them. If the banking partner decides to withdraw its services like it happened in Malaysia recently, the business will be disrupted, leaving customers without any option to make deposits or withdrawals on their exchange accounts. Remitano overcomes this issue by offering peer to peer exchange services.

According to a recent press release by the platform, Remitano P2P Exchange has done away with any direct connection with banking institutions by dealing only with Bitcoin. All banking operations will be the responsibility of platform’s users. This way, any anti-bitcoin stance adopted overnight by the banking institutions will not affect the platform’s operations.

Apart from insulating itself from the mercy of banking institutions, Remitano ensures that its users find the platform easy to use by incorporating a simple user interface. The user interface is combined with an excellent customer support desk, capable of resolving any issue. The live chat option on Remitano allows users to get their questions answered within minutes.

Remitano is also known for its lowest fee in the industry, which is no more than 0.5 percent. Based out of Seychelles, Remitano has its operations spread across the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Tanzania, and Ghana. Most of the platform’s customers are from Vietnam, followed by Nigeria and Malaysia.

Remitano is on an expansion spree and in the coming days, the platform aims to become one of the leading brand names in the cryptocurrency industry. The increasing traffic from African and Asian countries combined with the rising Bitcoin adoption rate is expected to help Remitano establish a firm foothold soon in these two continents.

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I'm also thinking to make an exchange. But then with very low or no fees.

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Welcome. The DEX does the same thing.

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Hi remitano, is this you? Like the real remitano? I would love us to communicate. Is there a way to reach you and confirm that this is indeed you?

Hello, we are Project Araneobit - money transfer system based on the blockchain. The Commission for money transfer is set independently.
You can invest money.

Good research and write up on Remitano.
I have very good experience with Remitano, very efficient, excellent exchange so far. Try and you will love it. Remitano is the best DEX, simple, friendly and fast. When Malaysian facing problem with Luno, CoinHakko, etc, we found light frm Remitano.
You can login Remitano through my link attached: