"A FRAUD it may be... But Bitcoin could reach $100,000 before it collapses !"- J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

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Several of my friends sent me links to J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon's infamous interview on CNBC television, in which he says several memorable quotes. Among them, he said

"My daughter bought Bitcoin. It went UP. And now she thinks she's a genius !" (note: In my opinion, she is smarter than her dad!)

Earlier that day, Dimon had said Bitcoin could reach $20,000. (A while later, in this interview, he changed his mind. He thought it might reach $100,000!!!)

Now, I want to send them this other quote, which Mr. Dimon did me the favor to point out:

"A Fraud it may be... But Bitcoin could reach $100,000 before it collapses !"

Excuse me, Mr. Dimon. Do you see the irony of saying that Bitcoin is a fraud, but the price of Bitcoin could reach $100,000 before it "collapses"? And after it reaches $100,000 and it "collapses" it might also reach $1,000,000 ?

I agree that it is a wave. We have all been impressed by this easy and inexpensive manner to buy and sell.

I am going to RIDE THE WAVE TODAY !

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Photo of surfers riding the wave, by Viaje Jet . com labeled for reuse
Photo of Damie Dimon, wikimedia.org

I am going to spend my money to PROMOTE this post, because it hit a raw nerve on me that Jamie Dimon's comments helped to cause the steep downturn in the Bitcoin and Ethereum and all cryptocurrencies... I have to point out to those who doubt, that he also thinks it might hit $20,000... no... $100,000 before it "collapses"

Yes, and after it "collapses" at $100,000 it might "collapse" again before it gets to $1,000,000 in (?) 2027 (?) So I am goint to Ride the Wave Today.

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It will collapse because JP Morgan would have dumped it and taken their profit..Only to buy it up again when its low..SO SO SO bad that a big corporation can do this again and again...

Even if it ends up being a fraud(which it isn't) then we will consider it the best fraud ever since it would have changed millions of life's from poor to rich. who wouldn't love to to be part of this so called fraud. his daughter have a fraudster mindset.

For each person who gets rich off crypto would come with lots of losers, because the money has to come from somewhere.

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When you talk about riding the waves ,you miss the point in the technology underlying Bitcoin, Blockchain technology. Blockchain is here to stay, Bitcoin might not be the ultimate winner in the crypto space but its ushered in a new technology that is simply unstoppable and new use cases will spring up and change the world.

When I talk about "ride the wave" I mean the wave of new technology that has happened, and also I mean "ride the wave" of increase in the price of Bitcoin, if it is at about $4,000 and if it will reach $100,000 before it crashes (according to Jamie Dimon's opinion) well, then, I will like to ride it UP.

I believe in Bitcoin and crypto. There will always be naysayers in the face of progress. And besides, I agree- ride the wave before it collapses

Yes sir! Ride the wave before it collapses... (if it collapses... ) If it gets to $100,000 and then collapses to $50,000 I will be a happy man. I think Bitcoin will go UP before the end of the year, and it will pull all other crypto currencies UP with it. I think that based only on the trend line. The trend is that it will go UP.

Hate this guy. I can't believe he had bought bitcoin after he had crashed the market.

Fuck. Jamie. Dimon. $BTC, $XRP and $EOS to the moon motherfuckas.

How can a technology that solved the Byzantine fault tolerance problem be a fraud (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_fault_tolerance)? The problem was described by a Microsoft engineers in 1982 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/The-Byzantine-Generals-Problem.pdf ) and until Satoshi, no other solution worked. It sounds like the inventors should receive a Nobel prize, not be accused of fraud.

This new technology allows us to write and deploy autonomous systems that eliminate the need for middle or central authorities, costly system/security administrators, distributes infrastructure costs and is programmable. With all these improvements, do you really think Bitcoin will fail? Usually technologically advanced systems displace the old technology but it takes time and the incumbents aren't too happy. Think of the horse and buggy. Some doubted the automobile and Ford's "crazy" assemble line had a chance to compete.

Great post. We need to actually ride the wave

Yes. That is exactly what I imagined. Bitcoin might reach $100,000 before it crashes... and you (Jamie Dimon) are saying it's a fraud?

@rejuvenation Thanks for publishing this Charming instant in time for yourself. Upvoted.

Thank you for your kind words. "Charming" is not what I expected. It was me, thinking of how to poke fun and also the irony of James Dimon's words. Isn't that funny? He says Bitcoin is a scam, but in the next breath he says that it might get to $100,000 before it collapses! So.. the wave will eventually collapse, too, but the surfers are riding the wave now. So... I put it together. Thank you! It feels nice to think I am "charming" ! Ha!

Wow great, is it true please inform me.

Yes, of course it is true. See the URL which I place in the photo of the surfers riding the wave.

@rejuvenation Incredibly pleasant completion of article! Beloved the photographs and outline. Upvoted.

Thank you! At your service!

I don't think he is a liar, but he is conceited and he must be suffering. He knows that people are laughing at him. He says he will not talk about Bitcoin anymore, but he has to talk about Bitcoin, at least with his daughter (who is probably laughing at her father too.)

@rejuvenation This is supercool! Thanks! Followed

Thank you, Oguz... I will follow you too. Thanks for your upvote.

Wonderful Post. Thanks for sharing this post.

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Amazing. I have an idea to do something along similar lines, to make all crypt currencies more acceptable to the non-believers.

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Done. I read your post and I upvoted it, because it deserves to be upvoted. Thank you for your support on this post.

I'm sick of this seeing this jagoff in the news. His opinions are just that: opinions. He's not a wizard.

Of course he is not a wizard. His opinion, however, counts more than my opinion, because he is supposed to be a financial wizard, since he is the CEO of one of the large banks. That is why, he is "opinion" that Bitcoin is a fraud, but it might reach $100,000 before it crashes... that made me laugh. I think his prediction will become a fact some day. I don't know WHEN, but I think it will happen.

Bitcoin prospect does sound very exciting, not without it's drawbacks.
It can go either way, completely skyrocket and reach 10k and more; all it needs is one big player (corporation, government, organization) to officially start accepting it.

On the other hand, what if USA, UK makes it illegal to own, trade and exchange crypto? What actually makes it valuable?

The future of Bitcoin is being discussed right now by Governments. It has been officially accepted as "legal" by many more governments than have said it is "illegal". So far, it is legal in the United States, and E.U., whose lead many other countries follow. Crypto has a use as a payment media accepted in more countries than accept the Mexican peso, for example. It is probably easier to EAT in China if you pay with Bitcoin than if you try to pay with Mexican pesos, or even if you try to pay with Swiss Francs.

@rejuvenation I like your submit. I have followed you.

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