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I'm looking to create a simple tutorial for buying bitcoin or crypto currencies in the USA that everyday mums and dads could follow. Perhaps a list of available places (ie coinbase) with associated tutorials on how to sign up on each platform. Feel free to share ideas or links.

After we have created a helpful document or post on where to buy in the USA I would then like to replicate the same information but relative to Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia etc

Looking forward to seeing what ideas people might have?


Hello @ranchorelaxo
Thank you for your participation and this is a very good idea.
But do you have an idea about the fate of the correction to the path of Alpetkoan
The question posed to any stop value upon landing?
I wish you luck and success.

Go team @ranchorelaxo!

What do you think about this analysis?

Interesting idea. Professional sound and mics are a must. I am so tired of the YouTube videos where it sounds like the person is talking into a tin can.

I have an older guide that went in the other direction of steem --> bitcoin --> US dollar (using coinbase):
❓Answering Common Questions: How do I spend money from my Steemit wallet? 💲

I'm sure I can put one together tomorrow going from dollar to btc. I'd just have to get setup on the other available US wallets to step through them.

Lastly, I saw a lot of comments asking for a lay person presentation of what crypto is, so I thought this might be worth linking:
What is Cryptocurrency and Why It's Not Scary

I hope their helpful.


Good initiative! Maybe mention the option to use a hardware wallet too. It is important that people start with the basis and that is SECURITY AND HOLDING YOUR OWN KEYS

Everything is rigged, manipulated, socially engineered and we are FUCKED.

true,true,,true, and where do i sign up for the fucking part.

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I want to see some type of scratch off cards that contain a private key and contain a certain amount of Bitcoin on it. Users would be able to buy these at the corner store and there would be instructions for the user to "redeem" their Bitcoins through an exchange or wallet.


As you seem to be a person with the means to easily accomplish what your post is requesting from any number of sources; I'm going to look past it and see it as a way to open up some dialogue.

First, I would like to say:

"Welcome to the Steemit Community and I apologize that the first comments on your initial postings were so off putting and insulting"

That said, in my experience I have not found that opening the door and punching someone in the face after they knock is the most productive way to conduct business, network or get things done.

So lets cut to the chase, what are you looking to accomplish?

I have no problem welcoming you to the community or acting the part of ambassador to legions of haters you seem to have unjustly acquired.

In fact you doing exactly what the site allows you to do, has unreasonably bent a number of people out of shape and they have made the choice to act out in such as way as to bring more discredit upon themselves than anyone else.

So here is an olive branch, an apology for those that acted irresponsible and an open door for communication.

Take Care,



Hey Snoodler! What's your fucking problem? You dump a bunch of cash into here and jerk off your buddy all day ruining the community. You can't even make a post or comment defending your actions. Your an ass clown! Man up big Rancho and tell us why you think what your doing is good for the community! I know you won't man up because you gave @haejin your active posting key so he can upvote himself with your account. You don't even have the balls to snoodle him any more. Just a giant Dutch Rudder now.

This is a very good idea, there is a lot that goes into the first purchase like Private Keys, Two Factor Authentication, BTC verse BCH etc. Good luck!

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