Bitcoin BTC May 27 Afternoon Update Technical Analysis - Supports, Resistances, Setups.

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General Tone:
The bearish view: A break below $7,200 range, we'll certainly test $7K, where if that doesn't hold, $6,450 is the next range of support
The bullish view: A break above $7,650 range and we can test the $8K range first.
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Bearish
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction by 2019 - $35,000(ATH)

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Great post. I have been thinking we would bounce off 6.9-7.0k for awhile now.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that we are going to bounce of that lower trend line. I give several good indications for this in this post.

Good thought

Hi Philankone, thanks for all you do for the community. I've started a blog where I review other TA Analysts. Hope you find it meaningful. Cheers