How To Enroll In My Class. I look forward to having many students.

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Hello my future students. My new course is now live on Udemy and I am eagerly looking forward to help you succeed in this crypto space.

To purchase with a credit card on Udemy:

Step 1)

Use this link to request an invitation to my class:

Step 2)

Once I approve your invitation within the hour, use the same link again for a 5% coupon code.

To purchase with cryptocurrency:

Step 1)

Send roughly these values, which is roughly $190 USD I will trust you can adjust it if the price has gone up. I don't want you to overpay. But if the price has gone down, you'll save money! :) :)

Send 0.027 BTC to:


Send 0.37 ETH to:


Send 345 XRP to:

rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm / Wallet: 120086840

Send 1.7 LTC to:


Step 2)

Once payment is sent, please send me a direct message on twitter with a quick screen shot that includes the transaction information so I can verify on my end.

Step 3)

I will then provide you with a free coupon to the class within a few hours

Please don't hesitate to follow up many times just in case I lose track. And please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I look forward to having many student and to see all of you succeed.
I look forward to seeing many students in the class.


Great to see that you finally value your time and your skills. Psychological speaking people don't value free stuff, they love free everything, but do no value it, as in when they pay for it with their own money. Thank you, for sharing.

Already started the course woohoo! Philakone4life!

Hi Phil! Thank you so much for this course. I already sent you the invitation. looking forward to your approval. I tried to send you a dm through twitter days ago but I don't know if you can receive them. I thought you have them not allowed. I'm crypto Iguano

Lesson 1 & 2 done. Short break, then the next one! Great content, as always!

Congratulations on your new course. Content is undervalued. Best thing about this course is that any knowledge gained can be applied to any chart.

Is it complete course or you planning to add more lessons by the time? I don't see Elliott Wave here.

Thank you, Such value for a low price! <3

Who better to learn from, than the GOAT himself, PHILAKONE :)

Please make a tweet that there is a scam going on on your twitter, someone is sending web page where everyone can buy your course, I was bit hyped and I actually payed 0.3 eth, they sending privs with this page FAKE FAKE mine transaction tx 0x13f58edbe4a82e137ca1b06c21c37ec4fb88f6c5c42a10a21c43f75d71cd4dad
Also please pm me where to send payament (again) for the course, thank You

i miss the free lesson.

Hi Phil,
3.6 NEO ? I don't think you can send fractions of a NEO, either 3 or 4, or do you have a way to get around that ?

eth, btc, and XRP is also accepted. I never knew you couldn't send fractions of NEO!

NEO isn't supposed to be a currency. It's a stake in the platform. GAS is the currency of the NEO system. You can send fractions of GAS.

You're the best Phil. Thanks. Wish you the best as you deserve it. You've helped many.

@philakonesteemit Can I download this once purchased? I would like to watch it when I travel like on the plane etc. Sorry I’m not familiar with udemy terms and conditions.

You can't download to you pc, but the udemy mobile allow you to watch offline.

Is there any way to buy only some of those lessons? Or only all of them package :). Thanks.

Hi phil very excited about your course. What is included in the $190? Is that the discounted price vs $300 or does it only cover some of the lessons??? Let me know and thanks for all you do....

same content just cheaper because paying with crypto

do you accept EOS?

Hello. Yes I can make arrangements for EOS. You're welcomed to direct message me on twitter.

I messaged sir can you please respond to that message first

Hi Phil,
I have already purchased your course through udemy and cam access the course .

Should i enroll separately for questiom answers section ???
Because you asked to sent screen shot of purchase to twitter .....

So looking forward to this course! :D

Hi Phil,

I am very excited to say I have purchased your course in Udemy. I am also interested in the premium access to you and have emailed you. Thanks for this! :*

I don't get it
which lessons are included for 190 or is this just a discount for early students
Ty for reply

To me is like $210 because i have to pay in €. So I have bought some NEO to send it to you and realized that it is impossible to send fractions of NEO... Either 3NEO or 4NEO...

Let me make simple questoniare -

  1. If I not online then can I see all your videos again too?
  2. If I having query ask you or anyone there too with you
  3. Will you tell scalping trading also within your course
  4. How many days course is it
  5. How much time need to invest in day for learning
  6. Will you teach more things in future after this course too

I am really very interested sir and just waiting for your response


I am waiting for your response sir

@philakone gave you many message sir kindly respond

Adding to your question, are the lessons live or can I watch theme whenever I want? I live in Spain..

You can watch them any time you please. My apologies for the mistake that's on udemy's end. I'm not certain why it's priced in that manner. You're welcomed to reach out to me on twitter where I can provide a coupon to reflect the price accordingly in euros.

Hi akazacos,

As i see on udemy the lessons are recorded and you can view it any time. Use a couponeCode PHILAKONE5 for additional 5% off your payment.

I think that Phil made a tiny mistake mentioning 300 USD for the course as see that it cost me 189,99 € with the couponudemy courese Phil Akone.JPG

Many thanks

That's very odd. UDEMY needs to fix that. You're welcomed to direct message me on Twitter and I can make an arrangement for you.

Videos are defective, he doesn't fix them (double audio overlapping, PiP over what he's talking about), he doesn't provide any support, originally this course was designed for 1000 students (that's how he advertised it), and if you pay in cryptocurrencies and then ask for a refund, let's say on Twitter, because he ignores every Udemy message), he blocks you.... For the same money you buy 10 books, have the same level of support, but you learn much more.... Philakone has disappointed many people with this course... we basically bought him his Audi R8 and he does NOUGH for us.

No support! that's wired!

6 digit loss with a investment of $2000 plus 36 miners. Maybe you do know what your talking about. :)

Hello Phil, unfortunately I cannot get on twitter right now, it is weird, but my phone is not opening it. I already bought the course, I made a video and pictures of the transaction completed. I payed in BTC. I was wondering if there is a channel different from twitter through which I could send you the proof of purchase. I will eagerly await a response. Thanks in advance.

hello mr philakone is that course will explain elliott waves?
and can i pay with paypal?

Hello. The course does not cover elliot waves because I feel that topic is geared towards advanced traders, and I wanted to keep these lessons from beginner to intermediate. Yes, Udemy does accept Paypal.

I'm looking for someone to split buy this course. Are you down?

Yes, you have been extremely transparent on YT with your trades, and I have learned a lot from you. For that reason I know I can trust you as an instructor. I wish you all the best success with this course. You have certainly paid your dues and earned it!

Who saved videos after his hack and move from @philakonecrypto ?
most here :

HI Phil, I sent 315 xrp to your xrp address from my binance account, but it says rejected and you gave wallet no. do I have to give it at Tag ??

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Best course ever seen by far and cheep price !! what a god <3

great stuff, thanks again

Will you be doing a separate EW one?

Hi, Philakone!

First of, thak¡nk you so much for such a wonderful course, and even more because of your fabulous price! Thanks to you I am learning so well that I can't thank God enough for you...

A question though, where do you follow up your students for Q&A? I will appreciate your response. Kind regards and blessings!

Philakone, I have asked for a refund of your course on Udemy because you did not do any of the things that you have promised.
I have paid you in BTC, therefore, please, send the refund to my wallet. I have paid .0255 BTC and I would expect them to be refunded as I am within the 30 days from my purchase.
I could not be more disappointed, in some of your free videos you went in much depth under many aspects, your videos were not as defective as the ones that you have created for your course, plus, you do not provide any support.
Here's my wallet: 1Kct8AjiW3FjeaKvHL3ANMKaqSEE6vXptg

The 2 last weekends of juli, we have the best festival of the world. TOMOROWLAND 2018. You are welcome. The first hour all tickets were sold out. I had bought 4 and I still have 2. I have learned a lot from you and I respect that. You are welcome here in Belgium and I give you 1 bracelet free for Tomorrowland. Your stay is also free. You only have to pay for the drink yourself. If you
want to bring someone. Can also stay for free but has to paid for bracelet for the price that I paid myself. If you like to come. I will send you my mobile number so you can call me. Hope see you soon

I will definitely by when I will have some left in the next months. Will the price increase in the next weeks or months ?

i wish there was someone that would give good buy and sell signals

Hey philakonesteemit. I made a payment via BTC and did send screenshot as requested. Thanks for this.
But am yet to get a response from you to access the class.
Please respond to my message on twitter. Thanks

Let me make simple questoniare -

  1. If I not online then can I see all your videos again too?
  2. If I having query ask you or anyone there too with you
  3. Will you tell scalping trading also within your course
  4. How many days course is it
  5. How much time need to invest in day for learning
  6. Will you teach more things in future after this course too

I am really very interested sir and just waiting for your response



This guy is great IDK why this post has only earned $1.55 that does not make sense to me? Either way I hope to be as good of a trader as him one day!

Hello Phil, somehow I cannot open Twitter right now, but I have purchased your course. Can I send you the pictures of the proof through a different channel?

Hello. I only use Twitter as social media unfortunately and that is the only way to accept proof of payment / the voucher there.

These courses will be great and definetely I´m going to purchase them.

If you want the old youtube lessons because you can´t afford to pay 200 USD per this course, you can go to this page:

In the page there is the mail of the people who´s offering the courses and he told that all the money is for Philakone, he obviously doesn´t want to win money from others´job. I have contacted him and it´s very kind and sent me the evidence that he is doing what he says.

This is rude. He'd deleted those videos or hidden them for a reason. Its bad form for you to link to this guy who has copied his work on this page when he has put a lot of time and effort in generating this course.. If you cant afford 200 USD you shouldn't be playing with crypto. Its one thing to be downloading from big tv and movie studios, its another thing to steal from a one-man operation like Phil. If you are so gullible to think that there is evidence to show someone's motivations loan me some bitcoin and I'll show you evidence of my intention to pay you back double. If you are here you have seen his work and appreacite all the knowlege he has provided expaliend in laymans terms. dont be a dick. pay what you owe.

I agree it's rude that someone asks for donations for someone else work. Work that was specifically intended to be for everyone in the trading world by the creator himself. I am buying his $200 course today, so say what you want about me as well. But the 24 video youtube course is what made SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE PHILAKONE. It was the fact that for the past 6 months this man has prided himself on helping others without asking for a penny in return.

I have zero issues at all with him charging for his new content. But to remove the content that made the majority love him in the first place is petty to me. If it wasn't for his FREE tutorials I never would of followed Philakone. If it wasn't for his FREE tutorials I never would of defended Philakone when so many people were saying negative things about him when he was hacked and going through living hell. If it wasn't for his FREE tutorials he wouldn't have close to 100k followers to offer this new $200 course too. Over the past 7 months I have told so many friends and family that are new to crypto about this man, and the MAIN thing I explained was how he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart for everyday ordinary people who DON'T HAVE MONEY to buy courses even if they are only $200 total. I still have respect for Philakone but like I said before, his original tutorials is what made Philakone who he is today he gained so many followers based off of "I will never accept a penny unless its donated for Luna's alcohol fund"

You sir, I hope you die a very painful death. I hope your family dies too. You are taking MY MATERIAL and actually trying to sell it. That is copyright infringement and fraud and I put you on the same scale as scammers.

My apologies Philakone, for promoting a link that is from a scammer, I didn´t see it this way. You can contact him by mail and make sure that your "blessings" arrive to the right people. I just made a mistake publishing a link.

See you in your Udemy courses!!!

Well, wishing someone and their family dead, for all the respect I have for you, those aren't words to say. I won't come back to your page definitly.

Or you could pay nothing at all for his FREE 24 lesson course on how to trade. Why donate or pay someone who isn't even Philakone for a FREE tutorial. If you watch the videos he even clearly says this is a free tutorial. Anyone who uses the internet should know that nothing is ever deleted from the internet.

I can not afford to pay the course right now. but I am not going to pay other guy that stole Philakone Material. I am saving to pay the full price because Philakone worked hard to make that Material for Us.

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