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Keep up with my non TA videos. We put theory into practice. You MUST see live trades in action where I read level 2, doing on the fly TA, explain concepts in detail. It'll only improve your skills as a trader with more exposure to videos like this:
I'm mixing up my videos to provide more educational content. Here's a video that includes:
A live trade - $144 profit in 15 minutes
Reading level 2 action
On the fly technical analysis
Reasons why I entered a trade
Scalping is an art

What is the level 2? It's a real-time book that shows the orders. The order shows the people buying (bids), people selling (ask), and the recent trades.

My Comprehensive List of Tutorials
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Thanks for the up date

Thank you for keeping us updated on everything.

Thank you for everything. Please keep up the good work and may the force be with you :)

Thank you very much. I just watched that movie last night!!?? How'd you know!!! The Last Jedi was sooo good.

You rock! Really great steps are best.

Thanks Phil, always something to learn from every video of you.

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