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General Tone: Bearish All Around
A possible small bounce to $8850 before heading down.
The bearish view, we break the trend line support and head to the first support region, $8217-$8347.
Second support is @$7650
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Bullish
Short Term Bias (Today) - Bearish to Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction - Primary Wave 3, $35,000+ by 2019

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I follow you on Twitter and here and yesterday I spent 3 hours on your live videos. I'm sure I will do well thanks to you coz I have knowledge already so mark my words : I will reward you on time . Thanks for what you do man. Merci beaucoup 🙏🏼

Very happy to see you here my friend.

That was one hell of a liveshow xD

Thanks a lot Asian bro! Upvoted as always!!

Love that I stumbled across your stuff. Great teacher, thank you!

Dude signed up to steem just so I can upvote you! Your a legend changing lives and being completely open informative and god dam entertaining while doing it! Thanks again loved the show! Send Luna my love :P

Very informative and entertaining! Appreciate you and what you do....please keep doing what you do. I am learning lots from you brother! Upvote!

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