April 17 Quick Snapshot Technical Analysis OMG, EOS, XRP, IOTA, LTC, ETH

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Thank you for the update! :)

Thanks Master.

man i said it before but i'll say it again, you are a genuine hero! you deserve a statue (in my garden first xD)

in a couple of years next to the elliotician there will be philakonists, proudly trained by Sir Philakone the First!

have been doing some trades in forex also with the same techniques, it's slightly different but damn i made good profits! for the moment still demo-account though :) but i feel it going!

love this new hobby, thanks Phil!!
cryptonator ( a stalker on twitter, youtube and steemit) ;)

Philakone says often "oversold " instead of "overbought" regarding the situation but he knows what he's meaning actually. Happens everytime, lol .