How to identify Pump and Dump

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When you see 90 degree hike, there is most likely to be pump and dump scam. Once you see this, trying checking the reason behind that and best practice is to read the reddit community or their community telegram. And if you find nothing worth pumping the price. This means that this is 100% a planed pump.



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First rule: do your own research. Do not follow internet 'gurus' advices etc. The more PR and hype around an asset the more chance there will be a dump after a pump.

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I have done a pretty intensive write up on how the whales manipulate the markets and knowing this information can help to ensure you are on the right side of it!

You can see the article here:

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It is not possible to identify pump and dump.
Most pumps and dumps are from ICOs, that's all i can say.

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