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It's not permanently but at this position if you hold bitcoin you have your last chance to leave the game before shit hit the fan. You don't like to be in a room which shit hit the fan right? It's disgusting.

Bitcoin hodlers

With all seriousness, what I'm telling you is not investment advice but my opinion. Bitcoin is exactly close to two resistance lines which makes it hard to believe it is going any further up. See it here:

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.39.42 PM.png

Bitcoin is about to hit the resistance on the one month bearish trend and is making a double top with the resistance of last week which is a known reversal pattern.

The rule of the thumb is that always sell before the resistance and buy back again if it broke the resistance. Don't wait and see what happens. If it goes down, it may not come back to this point for the next couple of weeks.

Keep your Bitcoin's today value in dollar and buy more bitcoin with the same money in the next days or weeks. However, if bitcoin broke the reversal pattern and passed $2450 you can buy back with a small loss. Even so, I don't see that coming at this point.

No responsibility for your trades. Do what suits you best.
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Last chance to get out before bitcoin rises again. Unless something goes wrong and millions of people loose their money. But then you should get out of the whole cryptoworld currently.

It's not about lines on the charts. It's about segwit, segwit2x and uasf.


If I'm planning to hodl for the next 4 years, why I should be selling now?:)

Yes that's part of the emotional response we can see during the last couple of weeks. I believe market reactions can be predicted with how investors are reacting with current value and movements, science never lies.

And to answer your question, it is very simple. If you have 10 BTC today, you sell it at $2400 and make $240,000 and buy back again 2 weeks later on $1600 you have 15 BTC the next 4 years. That's simply how people make wealth.

I wish it would be that simple ;) Have you sold your btc? What if the market doesnt behave ad you predicted?

I already mentioned in the last part of my article. If it break the trend I will buy back at +$2450. Risking 5% of my money for a potential 50% profit.

At how much did you sold? Also not everyone has time for trading so I just hodl;)

$2400, I just knew the stop so I put the order yesterday on bittrex and sleep on it. If I sell now I have more bitcoin than yesterday but no rush for it.

However I still keep a small portion of my portfolio in BTC in case but mostly in USDT now.

Hi @p0o I've written an article about you, Check it out if you can, thanks.

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I think we should be buying and holding bitcoins.

I find it hilarious how people think they can predict the market with drawing lines. It might help out if u want to sell or buy and are woundering when to do it. But if u believe in Bitcoin hodl. The only one's making money by daytrading are the exchanges!!!

It's called speculation and I prefer to invest based on real numbers than having gut feeling and beliefs. If you think no one is making money with day trading and yet there are millions of trades per day in exchanges then good for you.


BTC is now $2619.3 ;)

Haha true I underestimated the effect of segwit but my stop-orders bought back at $2450. Bitcoin is acting so similar to Gold these days.

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