Bitcoin Surge Suggests Powerful Recovery

in bitcoin •  last year

I'm not a Bitcoin expert, but I do know basic price chart technical analysis. Two big things that stand out in Bitcoin's updated price chart are the bullish trading gap from mid May getting filled, and the very bullish long white candle stick made by yesterday's strong buying.

The recent slide in cryptocurrency markets had many interested parties nervously watching on. Even yesterday, as the bargain hunters entered the fray, the recovery wasn't all too convincing.

With yesterday's candle now being confirmed as a long white soldier, at the bottom of a hefty correction, a very strong reversal is now being indicated.


And for further reading, please check out @stephenkendal's post on crazy bitcoin price predictions.

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re-steemed good sir :)


Thank you @truthforce.👌🐸

You're doing such a great things, thanks for sharing, keep it up :) @waqarraja

That looks like a large inverse head and shoulders :(


Longer term, you might be right @steemlit. For now, the chart predicts a strong reversal.


Bitcoin will hit 13808 by next february. Don't believe me? I don't care. The US dollar is dead now. Not accepted in 73 countries, china and russia and iran now trade in gold and yuan. Collapse is imminent, Bitcoin will dominate.