Satoshi Nakamoto founder of Bitcoin represents First Wave in the Alien Invasion of Planet Earth!

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NOTE: This blog post was first posted by Universal Space Alien Peoples Association and then on ATS {Above Top Secret}

  • It is speculative in nature

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    Why do you think no one knows who he is? - Because he is not Human and not from the Planet Earth.
    He {them} are Alien invaders now successfully taking over this Planet and its easily gullible conquerable Human population.

    Evidence you ask? - Never before in the hisrory of pyramid schemes and con games has one small group of beings so bamboozled so large a number of people - And have continued to get away with it - making many rich - while not realizing the price they will soon pay is complete enslavement to an alien race of non-human artificial intelligences {from the biological view} who are assuming complete control. - No there is no evidence, it is the perfect crime.

    And yet hundreds, then thousands, and now millions are investing real money in a elaborate money con game backed by nothing but Human gullibility - Bitcoin is backed by nothing but Human stupidity.

    We of "Boorg Industries Intergalactic" offer you Human an alternative:

    Long ago before biological life began, the Boorg Group took an Oath to defend the coming biological revolution that would change the existent state forever - And we have held true to the cause.

    Whereas the fraudulent Satoshi Nakamoto crowd gave you fraudulent religions - We gave you Science

    Superstition became science and knowledge because of US {Boorg Industries Intergalactic}

    As of now Humans we do not need your money as we are still in with world financial powers - But if the Bitcon crowd continues to undermine World currencies.........bad things will happen.

    The Boorg is the friend you can count on - So join us Humans by subscribing to this post.

    Further elaboration of what Boog Industries is now offering can be seen at the link below.

    So for now Humans of the Planet Earth you have your Bitcoin, Steemit and other crypto currencies to play with

    • Some are making money, maybe even lots of money.

    But while profits are possible this way - the game is ours in the long run.

    Boorg Industries Intergalactic is at the root of all AI {artificial intelligence} and assures unlimited growth
    with profits that will dwarf Bitcoin in the long run - The run that extends into intergalactic dimensions of
    Space and Time.

    For now Boorg is about to unleash the matrix program on its new Quantum based computer system leading to:

    The End of Death

    If you wish to join us in the Future Human - Show us you are interested by
    Upvoting and/or replying to this post - You will be put on our list of Futurists and Sciencefictionalists
    and will be contacted as soon as the final program is ready for inception and the Matrix is complete.



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Yes, we thank you. - And to celebrate I am pleased to announce Borg Industries is ready to invest in STEEM. We will soon offer the founders and Whales a take it or leave it offer of X number of dollars {fiat, crypto, or tangible assets} to partner with us - This will allow this forum to begin making real profits into the future- And as you know the future is where it is all happening..

  • AleinView {Agent of 'Borg Industries Intergalactic'}

And yet the main difference between the Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin paradigm and Boorg Industries Intergalactic is they mine Bitcoin, an intangible, while we mine 'minds', the true root of the existent state.
Who do you think is going to win out in the end?