Opti’s loyalty program: win a 45% bonus for HODLing

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Many projects are successfully implementing bonuses designed for those that  HODL and support the network. For example, OPEN and DragonChain have used this strategy successfully, as it prevents weak hands from panic  dumping and it rewards the loyal community members who plan to stay for  the long term.

For Opti, we will create an address registry where you can enter the ETH  address(es) where you’re holding your tokens. Over the next 9 months we will take 3 snapshots. At each snapshot, all registered addresses will receive a 15% bonus in tokens, given the amount it holds is the same or more.

When are the checkpoints? The first and last will be scheduled, but the mid-way point will not be announced publicly. This is to prevent major manipulation. To those that hold equal or more at each checkpoint, and  by the end of the entire bonus, will receive the total in bonuses  compounded. Those that have less will not get a compounded total bonus. So that’s 3 opportunities for a 15% bonus. 

We will pay out the bonus once after it is completed, which should be around March 2019. In the coming days we will open a register on our  website for everyone to participate.

No one is excluded: even if you did not buy our ICO and are waiting for us  to be listed on an open market. It is also open to all bounty hunters  who have helped us from the beginning, join for the long term and grow  with us! Keep it stylish, and hodl!

Optitoken  is the first algorithmically traded, hyperdeflationary currency, that  derives its value from a carefully curated token basket. Profits from  the automatic trading of the portfolio are used to regularly buy  Optitoken on exchanges, creating buy pressure and volatile price action.  These tokens are then destroyed, creating further value. Our ICO is  open to buy the initial token basket. You can learn more about the  project here at https://OptiToken.io and on Telegram https://t.me/optitoken


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