Bitcoin could change the game for foreign aid

in bitcoin •  3 months ago 

In an interview with researchers at the Open Money Initiative, I learned that the "liquidity time" of Bitcoin in Venezuela today is 15 minutes. Meaning, if you're in Caracas, I can send you Bitcoin from Miami and you can be holding bolivares in your hand within 15 minutes of my Bitcoin arriving on your phone.

Interesting article about how bitcoin could change for the better foreign aid. This is a good article on the subject, I've always been cautious about who I donate money to for this very reason, there's no way to tell if the money is actually getting there. I read a quote once that said something to the effect; foreign aid is nothing more than poor people in rich countries giving to rich people in poor countries. O believe there's a lot of truth in that, hope bitcoin can change it.....

Read the full story here...

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Bitcoin is around $8700 right now.....

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