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Slow and steady, the price different between exchange is closing in as mentioned in the previous day post, likely to head south on bitfinex btc/usd pair. There's still about 2% plus different, will it continue to close in ? The mini descending triangle/symmetrical triangle breakout to the downside and heading toward it's projected target of 6400 zone. Candles are back around the high volume zone 6400-6500, yesterday close tested low 6500 zone. Possible to dip till 6400 or even lower wick to take out some stops before bouncing. Possible TD sequence in making as it slide down on daily candle.

On 4hr candle, Stoch downtrend and in extended zone, likely to have some light bounce, if it dip fast enough to test 6400 zone we might see bounce up to the strong resistance level around 6750 again range bound consolidation.
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**Alert : one big whale just unload an huge amount, possible move of 500-700 points down.

News: (Current) | (Upcoming) CBOE BITCOIN ETF, 7 Nov 2018 (may be extended again to 7 Feb or 7 Apr 2019)
| G20 FATF, Oct 2018
Short term moving average (day candle) : -
RSI : -
Network Value to Transactions Ratio : halt for recalibration due to btc slidechain liquid
Bitfinex Margin Long/Short Volume Ratio : 0.591
Depth Chart : (S) | (R) walls building close to slippage on coinbase
Weekly Timeframe : -

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