The real gateway drug

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Do you remember how you got started?


This is how the majority of our community got in and that’s the reason bitcoin is so strong.
you see it on every news channel and on every paper, bitcoin was the hype and paved the way for all the other cryptocurrency’s.

Bitcoin will always be on top and that’s for one reason.

"first to market"

Bitcoin was the first and the whole world knows it so the chance that bitcoin will ever disappear is small.
Almost everyone got started by buying a bitcoin or a fraction of it.
I still believe in bitcoin but as gold standard and a trading pair as for the tech, I still believe it’s outdated and that there far more better cryptocurrency’s tech wise. But bitcoin did his job and will keep doing so. #HODL

thanks for reading!!!

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dat litecoin dough....

Not really a fan of litecoin
never liked silver hahaha

what are you into then? hows your computer run without it?

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