Why Bitcoin price has to fall to rise again...

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I have come across a discussion on one of the famous Bitcoin forums yesterday. While the subject of the topic was about possible Bitcoin price fall, most of the comments were about how it is very unlikely that Bitcoin price can see below $2000 again and what a great year 2017 has been so far with skyrocketing BTC price.

As an early Bitcoin adopter, I have always had my faith in Bitcoin. Reading all these comments from other Bitcoin investors reminded me something. Only a few months ago, entire Bitcoin community were talking about block size problem and how it could cause an unnatural hard-fork. These discussions became so serious, in fact on of the largest Bitcoin exchange market Poloniex published an announcment declaring what position they would take in case of a hard-fork(https://poloniex.com/press-releases/2017.03.17-Hard-Fork/). As you might remember, this caused Bitcoin price to crash badly.

Just like in stock-market, it seems like recent green numbers made people forget about all the bad memories.

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I feel like I am the only one who remembers the fact that those problems still remain. SegWit only gave Bitcoin some time to breath rather than solving its problems. Soon enough, we will start discussing enormous transaction fees and block size problem which will lead to serious hardfork rumors once again.

Bitcoin price reached an all-time high of $3,000 on June 12 and is oscilating arround $2,500 since then. While these numbers surprised most of Bitcoin users and led media to pay more attention on Bitcoin, early adopters like me knew that it was not nowhere near its potential.


Bitcoin price is going to skyrocket. Double, triple and even pass $10.000 dream, but not before its problems are solved. Once the community gets more realistic and start working on problems, we will see a dramatic price fall. This is an inevitable upcoming event yet very beneficial for the future of Bitcoin.


Neden Bitcoin fiyati yukselmek icin once dusmek zorunda...

Dun unlu Bitcoin forumlarindan birinde gezinirken bir tartismaya denk geldim. Tartismanin basligi Bitcoin fiyatinin dusmesi ile ilgili olmasina ragmen, paylasilan yorumlarin buyuk cogunlugu fiyatin 2000 dolarin altina dusmesinin ne kadar zor oldugu ve 2017 yilinin ucusa gecen BTC fiyati ile ne kadar harika oldugu ile ilgiliydi.

Bitcoin ile erken tanisan biri olarak her zaman Bitcoin´in gelecegine inandim. Fakat bu yorumlari okurken birsey farkettim. Sadece birkac ay once tum Bitcoin camiasi blok buyuklugu problemini ve bu problemin nasil Bitcoin zincirinde "Hard-Fork" dedigimiz bir kirilmaya yol acabilecegini tartisiyordu. Bu tartismalar bir noktada o kadar ciddi bir hal aldi ki, bu alanda dunyanin en buyuk borsalarindan biri olan Poloniex bir bildiri yayinlayip muhtemel bir "Hard-Fork" durumunda ne tarafta yer alacaklarini bildirdi(https://poloniex.com/press-releases/2017.03.17-Hard-Fork/). Hatirlayacaginiz gibi, bu durum Bitcoin fiyatinin kotu sekilde cakilmasina neden oldu.

Ayni borsadaki gibi, son zamanlardaki yesil rakamlar yatirimcilarin butun bu kotu anilari unutmasina sebep olmus.

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Simdilerde tum bu problemlerin halen cozulmedigini hatirlayan tek kisi benmisim gibi hissediyorum. "SegWit" Bitcoin´in problemlerini cozmek yerine sadece nefes almasini sagladi. Cok yakinda fahis islem ucretlerini ve block buyuklugu sorununu tekrar tartismaya baslayacagiz ve bu durum "HardFork" soylentilerini tekrar gundeme getirecek.

Bitcoin fiyati 12 Haziranda 3000 dolari gorerek tum zamanlarin rekorunu kirdi ve simdilerde 2500 dolar seviyelerinde dengelenmis duruyor. Bu rakamlar bircok Bitcoin kullanicisini etkiledi ve medyanin Bitcoin´e olan ilgisini oldukca arttirdi. Ama Bitcoin ile yillardir yakin ilgilenen kucuk bir kesim bu fiyatin Bitcoin´in gercek potansiyeline yakin bile olmadiginin farkinda.


Bitcoin fiyati buyuk bir patlama yapacak. Ikiyi, uce katlamak bir yana 10.000 dolar hayalini bile gececek. Fakat bu ancak sistemin sorunlari cozuldukten sonra mumkun. Bitcoin camiasi gercege donup bu sorunlarin halen varoldugunu anlayip tekrar tartismaya basladiginda Bitcoin fiyatinda cok sert bir dusus gerceklesecek. Bu dusus kacinilmaz olmakla birlikte, Bitcoin´in gelecegi icin cok onemli ve faydali bir gercek.

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Bitcoin's high price is just because it is considered the safest as it is being the longest on the market and thus tested. A huge demand comes from China because of the devaluation of the yuan and oppressive government which is artificially curbing capital outlfows.

Spelling mistake:

in fact on of the largest Bitcoin exchange market Poloniex published an announcment declaring what position they would take in case of a hard-work fork


Thanks for the correction.


Your welcome. Everybody is making predictions it would be cool to make a track record of people here!


I couldn´t agree more. Please put me on the top of your list :)

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Hey nomad,

I'm still new to the crypto scene and it's always good to read the opinions of early adopters.

I'll follow along and look forward to hearing more about transaction fees and block size problems.

Probably right, we need to go lower before we shoot higher.

I was personally hoping for a 90% crash in prices, as the best buy in chance we would ever get




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