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Nice. I like your photography.


Thankyou so much :)

nice photo

nice shot

very beautiful

just upvpted all ur posts


Thankyou so much Dear :)


Please don't say "dear it sounds so weird, kind of british and foppish and dainty, haha dot use it! , hha it makes u look like u dont speak english, i always catch noneglish speakers using it because of british english influence haha
its ok tho, it is what you should only say to a female, and we only use "dear"
when we say "Oh dear, that is bad" or something haha its just very stale and i dunno just dont use iit it sounds weird

dont take my comment personally, i am just giving u helpful advice.

I am very direct and i speak my mind its ok u are doing good just keep going i just want u to have help spaking better english on this English language American dominated platform so u can get the most out of it!


Thankyou so much for my correction
will try my best to not use it again in future :)
actually i am from Pakistan my natural language is Urdu so thats why i am not so good in English :D

Beautiful flowers!


Thankyou :)