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With Bitcoin's recent price surge a week back , soaring up 40% in a single day , The Bitcoin dominance that was steadily decreasing saw a steep pump.

This lead the people to doubt that the Altcoin Season was not going to happen.

But in the past week and half Bitcoin's price has been steadily hovering around the $9200-$9400 range.

This lead the altcoins to increase in dominance.

Now the Bitcoin Dominance chart looks good for a reversal in trend leading us to the next Altcoin Season.

It is continually setting Lower Highs and Lower Lows which is very good for the Altcoins.

But Still we need to look at if the Bitcoin price rallies up or down in the coming weeks and how the altcoins react to that price action.

We are not far away from confirming the trend reversal for the altcoins.

Let time decide.

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Hahaha nice one ! let's see

I just hope this happens. We crypto lovers has been waiting for this

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