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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Five Waves UP & Three Waves Down

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Read this.

Who is haejin?

  • @haejin is a rewards pool rappist.
  • He is pillaging in this platform.
  • He never helps his followers or following. He didn't waste a single weight voting power for his followers and following.
    He is following more than 300 great person and reading their valuable blog regularly but he never upvote them.
  • He have 27k followers but They are all new and inexperienced.

Why we call him rewards pool rappist?

  • He do not up-vote anything other than his own posts.
  • He intentionally produce 10 piece of "content" per day to optimize his selfishness.
  • All of his SP and votes come from a single account @RanchoRelaxo.

Now I am showing a little evidence.


  • He got 173 up-votes and earn $156 rewards but $154 comes from @ranchorelaxo.
  • He used 83% self votes. It's normally 96%, Currently he flagging.
  • His goons flagging us continuously.

Why we are flagging him. Is it legal?

  • Yes, We're legitimately flaging him. Look at the picture → PicsArt_03-13-02.13.28.jpg

When do we stop flagging?

  • We will stop flagging him if he stop raping rewards.

If you want to know more then search by #rewardpoolrape.

I will advise you to read two posts:

Silence Will Only Make Matters Worse! - If You Think You're The Only One You're Wrong! - Rise Up & Speak Out! Kindly click on blue article. This post will open your eyes.

Some important blogs by @truthtrader

Ranchorelaxo is the source of all the power of @haejin


Good for Haejin... Ranchorelaxo is a whale... Congrats to Haejin on get the support of someone large. Haejin deserves it. This "reward pool rape" claim is just JEALOUSY being played out.