Hal Finney was Satoshi Nakamoto

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Who was Satoshi Nakamoto?

The strongest evidence yet points to Hal Finney, but what is the evidence?

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Hal Finney received the first ever Bitcoin transaction.

Hal Finney was the second ever user of Bitcoin (after Satoshi) (How we would he even know about it?).

Hal Finney was a pioneer in PGP encryption a software used by the cryptographic company he work for PGP (since acquired by Symantec).

Hal Finney was a known computer scientist and cryptographer that worked and ideas on crypto currency.

Hal Finney was instrumental in early Bitcoin Protocol bug fixes.

Hal Finney exchanged emails with ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ but he could have wrote these to distance himself from his own invention.

Hal Finney lived close (same neighbourhood) to someone actually called Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto (below).

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ wanted to remain anonymous because was likely scared of the repercussions of inventing a potential rival to the USD and a worthy challenge to the estblashement.

Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to remain anonymous due to the arrest of the investors of the Liberty Dollar in 2009.

The ability for commercial banks and central banks to create money from nothing is the one thing that keeps them and governments from being accountable and honest to the people they should be answerable to.

Hal Finney is sadly no longer with us (as are so many of those who challenge and threaten the status quo).

He was super healthy and became very ill suddenly.

He has been cryogenically frozen.

Hal Finney is therefore surely the strongest candidate to be Satishi Nakamoto?

Tell us what you think…


Sorry but Hal was not satoshi. its well known that Hal knew about bitcoin along with others before it was released. but not because he was satoshi, but instead because satoshi was talking about his idea before the launch.
there are many publicly released documents showing satoshi talking to many people before bitcoin went live.
research: bitcoin cypherpunks

How do you know it is not Hal? How would Hal even know to be the first transaction recipient? Hal was working on something like his for years and he finally cracked it..

Imho he was one of the major contributors to the code very early but yeah, Hal wasn't Satoshi.

Why would Hal email himself to debug crash logs? Hal received the first ever bitcoin transaction from Satoshi and from a developers point of view it would only make sense to try something (for the first time) by yourself. (perhaps by sending BTC from one address to another). However, the linked emails pretty much make it clear that Hal (RIP) wasn't Satoshi. Unless he had a multiple personality issue and was talking to himself.

Did he know who Satoshi was? Yes, Hal probably did know but he's dead.


Intereting post but i don't believe Hal was the bitcoin creator. I have written a post about the mystery of Satoshi and some of my ideas on who he/she/they are;


Oddly, it was through Hal Finney’s work and blog posts on TPM 1.2, his PrivacyCA (I download all his public source code from PrivacyCA.com before it was shut down) and his report on RSA-DAA for TPM 1.2 that I found he was for bitcoin. If it was good for him then Bitcoin should be good for me. Interesting he was from the same County I grew up in, and was from my generation. I got into this Bitcoin in 2015 and am thankful for Hal, and owe a lot of gratitude to him. If not for him I probably would have got into Bitcoin at a much higher price. . If Mr. Finney was Satoshi, his widow would be always looking over her shoulder. Regardless, they had lots of bitcoin, which by 2012 or 2013 was enough to give Hal Finney a better quality of life to the end. Here is hoping he is de-iced to a productive life in the future.

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