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My prediction on close target for Bitcoin is 24 323 $
I see this target from 1 to 2 weeks.

Now I am going to show you how I come to that conclusion.
Correct me if I wrong !!!

On the picture you can see:


Perfect triangle from the text book =)
This is One hour chart.
On the triangle you cab see "S1" side. If you going to take and flip that triangle by two axis to expose side "S1" where side "S2" is lying.
I know it is small... I did not have any free space to show you the Real Size =)

But we can count right now together.
Upper side is stays at 17883 $
Down corner at 11235 $
Now we going to find difference 17883 - 11235 = 6648 $ (that is the size of "S1" side)
Side "S2" is the same !
And now we can find closest target : we going to take Upper side level ... 17883 + 6648 = 24531 $

24531 $ - That is the target ladies and gentlemens !

Of course it is better to start take profit little by little at lower levels. I would start at 23700 $......
Now we should wait till BTC brake resistance at 18000 !

Off course it is not financial advice. That is just my thoughts and vision of the future =)

Thank you for visiting !!!
Please live a comments.
Do you think I made wrong prediction ???

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Nice try !

What is this all about ? =0

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