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As i earned bitcoins , read my first post , i started trading on Cryptopia


And after a couple of exelent trades,
i transfered about 500 dollars from my Coinbase Wallet to Cryptopia

and bought 2000 XGOX Coins , because i was stupid , i thought it will jump up , and i wasnt paying attention for buy and sell orders ( now i do (: )

As you can see in the next image , the graph point at where i bought these coin

So trading in the past 3 days was awesome , i made some profit , but curently , as most of people , i got red , and im waiting for prices to get corrected , so if you are a begginer , dont worry if you lose some money , its allways learning the hard way...


Which way do you think you can earn the most from cryptocurrency: mining yourself, buying into a cloud mining pool, or trading like you do?

Buying into a cloud mining pool , but personaly , i wouldnt do that , as i invested in some currencys , they got cheaper , and because of that you have to wait for their price to go up , so you could sell them to be in a profit.
Trading is good , if you know what are you doing.

But the apsolute most from crypto , i think you could earn if you have your own exchange...

If the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies were private companies and were chronically unable to accomplish one of their key missions, their shareholders would have long ago revolted, fired their management, and their stock would be trading at values near zero.

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