just quick question if the price of btc is down does it is also affect the value of physical coins??

I wonder if the collectability factor of these coins could offset any major downswing in price.


cool coin

Yes the value has sky rocketed!

Every cryptocurrency value are increasing day by past people were thinking that it is just bubble and this idea will be flap.but because of increasing value of bitcoin people have change their mind and starting investment of new that is why every cryptocurrency have increasing trend.

They look very cool that is for sure :)

We won't complain about that 👍👍


Their - belonging to others.
They're - they are.
There - a position, not here.

Veeeeeeeery Rare 🔝🔝🔝🔝😩

All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.

Yes, I've heard the same! That's really awesome 👌

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Looking to get gold bars or coins made for SuperiorCoin.

That would be very cool!

Sound like a good idea.

you have shown me some of your collection and I was pretty impressed. beautiful coins.


Wow! I wonder what it will be worth in 20 years?

Depends on the price of bitcoin to a certain extent but i would say over $1m+

What are the laws of creation in regards to crypto physical coins? Anyone know?

Dang, when it comes to research and delivering the facts, you're the man!

I collect boogers that look like famous people

Hmm have you got many other people interested in that or is it just a thing you do alone?

Very tasteful reply!

The first rule of booger club is, wait nevermind

Were you going to sugest the booger club equivalent of opening one of your physical bitcoins?

It was a reference to fight club

Great work Nathanael.

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nice, i have made my own Steem coin :)

how i made it? here:

And I bet in a few years this steem coin is going to be worth like nathansenn's Casascius 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Ja, ja, ja. When Bitcoin was not well known, there were people at EBAY selling "physical" bitcoins. I bought a few coins by being too naive. Then I used them in my seminars to tell people the virtual coins, including steem and bitcoin, cannot be in your hands because it is intangible (you cannot touch it).


how you do it?

Cool coins, I had no idea so many different versions existed...

"Only two out of all silver 0.5 BTC coins are known to have been opened."
I lol'ed at that as I can see all the hardcore collectors out there screaming "NEVER OPEN A LIMITED EDITION ITEM" at their computer screens.

Yes the value of the coin dies when you pull the holo off the back! Is a bit of a no no among the collectors!

I recently was given a limited edition Star Wars drone as a gift... The caveat though was I would only be given it if I actually opened it... Needless to say it hurt like hell to break that wax seal and open that sucker up. I could hear the hardcore Star Wars collectors dying a little inside as I did it (LOL).

Great article.
Its very interesting and helpful information for those planning to be physical bitcoin coin collector.

I bet that these coins will be worth $60k at the end of 2018 :p.

Some of these are already worth much more then $60k!

DAMN want one so bad...

Soon I am releasing something even cooler. Next few weeks ;)
If you like these coins follow me and you'll see!

Send me the info on it when you have them ready would be interested in buying some!

Hmm you have me intrigued, following to find out more.

It has just occurred to me that, if they were to make physical coins for STEEM, the $ symbol has already been taken. Why couldn't they have named it WEEM or ZEEM?

Seriously though, I've enjoyed reading these posts on the Casacius physical Bitcoins. Do you have more in your collection that you'll be sharing with us?


I had the ability to purchase some of these when at the San Jose BTC conference in 2013. They were so much more than the price of BTC I thought them to be a total rip-off, that combined with liberty dollars trouble I thought it best to stay away. That hindsight is biting me in my ass right about now!


What is this that just appeared?

Can we still buy them ?

Yes you can buy them on ebay and there is a area on bitcointalk where the collectors post coins for sell like these

Of course, you can find anything on eBay!

what the f.... you mean you have real fisical bitcoins ?


A double OMG!

We need so a thing for and Steemit and RaiBlocks :)
These are the best cryptocurrencies!!!

Awesome! I like reading your posts. Looking forward for Part 3. Hoping to have it also someday. Upvoted and resteemed.


wow this is really amazing! i wanna have some of these coins!

Finally! Somebody got in the trap! A triple OMG!

trap or not it doesn't matter... i'm a coin collector and i'm not after for the value of these coins i am after for it's history and not the monetary value... i am after for the ART present in these coins and not the dollars...

Wait a minute... I thought physical bitcoin was a joke

No joke they are real and worth a lot of crypto now!

great article never knew there where physical bitcoins .where can you buy them?

Are there 2018 editions?


Nice I cant wait to see it!

DAAAAMN those are incredibly valuable, Ill trade you one of my new born pure wolf pups for one ;)

My goodness these coins are like pieces of art. I am a rookie to cryto currency my son peaked my interest in the summer. I really appreciate these post so I can educate myself on all aspects of cryto's. I believe Bitcoin in going to be the new normal. Thanks for sharing.


I like the silver ones.

very very hot coin

So it's coins and cold wallets at the same time?

Bitcoin is still the future... if you have one of these, keep it!

I will buy them for maing collection.

Amazing! Upvoted & Restemed.

Awesome! Hope to have it someday. Thanks for the post. Upvoted & Resteemed.

really interesting article it gets an upvote from me

I want this golds :)

Bitcoin will rise further. I think it's time to invest. I will evaluate :)

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Very interesting and informative article.

very good post and very useful.
but what do you think about the price of sbd and steem at the beginning of this month,
What is your opinion?

That's hard one everything has ran up and i don't see any slow down i think we're in for a crazy ride this year.

Its a great post. Its related to the bitcoin.
Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.
Upvote & resteem buddy.

You made my knowledge about versions of Bitcoins, thanks for sharing! And would you share more about the future tendency of Bitcoins? Will it drop decently due to more countries to ban it? Looking forward for your opinions :)

omg....I want one....this coins look great....gorgeous coins/tokens

I have Never seen before a bitcoin in reallife!
Thanks for the photos and the Post!
Upvote this🔝🔝🔝

İ think will be btc 5000 dolar at 2019

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Good writing in the meantime :)

This is where it all started. Good information

I never knew these coins existed. What a cool thing! Since there are not that many, I'm wondering if it would be best to have them all graded and hold on to them. Surely they will appreciate in value like any rare coin. At any rate, I think it's a great idea and when Bitcoin becomes accepted by more and more business owners, I'm thinking that it may even be made in bill form.

would have been a nice xmas present

Hello. I just have posted a publication about the Petro Crypto currency from Venezuela and I would like to receive your orientation about that new crypto. THanks for your publication. It is very interesting.

Cool I want a STEEM coin!

He did a great job with these. I was going to buy one of each denomination when BTC was two dollars. Damn I missed the boat. What a collectors item an unspent original would be worth now! In addition to the actual btc value.

It looks so rare and beautiful I am sure everyone like myself wishes they had a whole collection of these in their closet safe !

wow ! interesting

these things look freakin sick ..would love one for my collection

У Кого айфоны , читайте!!!ВАЖНО!!!

It's kind of an interesting to think about how you could hide the private key? It would need to be somehow hidden inside the coin, yet retrievable. Do you know how that works?

I'd be interested in some BTC cent coins, if there was such a thing.

very rare indeed. :)

Wow good post👍

bitcoin is so high

In value

wow thats wonderful

Your post is very good and wise.
From the information is very useful and useful for all steemians, One of them is me.

Always success @nathansenn

Greetings know from me @muzahit

Such an amazing and interesting article ! I appreciate you taking the time to do such great work with your articles. Keep it up, you're doing great! 👍 @francescop

This is really cool. Thanks for the post. I hope to find 50 in a storage auction someday :-)

no entiendo mucho de esto solo se que dentro de poco saldra el petro es excelente oneda porfa me gustaria que vieras y comentes

El petro no va a poder subir mas alla de .20 centavos, en muchos anos. La razon es una: Maduro es el unico presidente en el mundo que le dijo a su piloto que lo llevara a la CAPITAL DE BRASIL, Y DESPUES DIJO NOS ESTAN ESPERANDO EN RIO DE JANEIRO. Ja, ja, ja. Cuando llego, se extrano que no hubiese una comitiva esperandolo porque todos estaban en Brasilia. Pa' que te rias!!!

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so fucking cool. i saw your part 3 and got super excited a few days ago. now i got here from kryptonia.

sooo cool. i love these

what a post...

I think it's nice to have one, but guys it's a cryptocurrency and you should keep it in your digital wallet and not as a "physical bitcoin" :)

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am ur fan.... And keep on promoting steemit! Nice work bro...

Looking to get gold bars or coins made for SuperiorCoin.

Man, what an article. I didn't even know those existed.

I would love to have one of these!

looks nice, worth keeping

how do you think or your prediction about bitcoin price in 2018 whether it will be increasing or going down.
I just want to survey some people's opinions

$50K in 2018!

Dec. 2018: $50-100,000

Take my money!! where can i get one??

This is the first time I see the physical coins of BTC. They are nice

so, so cool..

i wish i got my hands on these

very nice looking coins mate ;)

Interesting stuff!!!