just quick question if the price of btc is down does it is also affect the value of physical coins??

I wonder if the collectability factor of these coins could offset any major downswing in price.


cool coin

Yes the value has sky rocketed!

Every cryptocurrency value are increasing day by past people were thinking that it is just bubble and this idea will be flap.but because of increasing value of bitcoin people have change their mind and starting investment of new that is why every cryptocurrency have increasing trend.

They look very cool that is for sure :)

We won't complain about that 👍👍


Their - belonging to others.
They're - they are.
There - a position, not here.

Veeeeeeeery Rare 🔝🔝🔝🔝😩

All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.

Yes, I've heard the same! That's really awesome 👌

Thanks for your post!
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Looking to get gold bars or coins made for SuperiorCoin.

That would be very cool!

Sound like a good idea.

you have shown me some of your collection and I was pretty impressed. beautiful coins.


Wow! I wonder what it will be worth in 20 years?

Depends on the price of bitcoin to a certain extent but i would say over $1m+

What are the laws of creation in regards to crypto physical coins? Anyone know?

Dang, when it comes to research and delivering the facts, you're the man!

I collect boogers that look like famous people

Hmm have you got many other people interested in that or is it just a thing you do alone?

Very tasteful reply!

The first rule of booger club is, wait nevermind

Were you going to sugest the booger club equivalent of opening one of your physical bitcoins?

It was a reference to fight club

Great work Nathanael.

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