Urgent request for help

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Hi my friends
I hope everyone is well.
A woman requests financial help for an operation on her eye. The woman suffers from retinal detachment and does not have the money to perform this procedure.
She called me and asked me for her help and thought that through steemit I could find people who could help.
The lady needs $ 4000 and I will deliver her the full amount in all honesty and reliability.


My bank account number
101 550 2111191679060003 21

my account btc

Thank you to everyone who contributed
please resteem the request


Dear @nabil.nassiri

I cannot really help financially since I'm using all my little resources I have to support @project.hope and their efforts.

I'm droping full upvote, but I don't think it's going to help much :(

It's okay my friend .. I know the amount is a little big. And it needs a broad campaign to achieve the goal. Maybe the steemit will not be that easy as expected. I think that such initiatives require direct contact with people who can help.
Thank you very much, dear

Good morning @nabil.nassiri

I just realized that I never thanked you for your previous comment. BIG THX! :)

Also - would you mind if I take few minutes of your time? (I hope I'm not asking this question to often ;)

Anyway .... together with few core members of project.hope team - we'te trying to promote our recent publication: an article explaining economy behind our non-profit community project build on STEEM blockchain.

Perhaps I could ask you to spare few minutes and check it out and share your feedback with me.

I would absolutely appreciate it a lot. I read all comments and I drop solid upvote on each valuable one.

Link: https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@project.hope/3-ways-of-joining-our-efforts-project-hope-economy-explained

Yours, Piotr

Sorry my friend i haven't been on steemit for a while. I was very busy and did not notice your request. I will now enter the link and try to discuss the matter with you. Thanks for your constant communication dear @crypto.piotr

Hi again @nabil.nassiri

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

I apologize my friend did not pay attention to your comment. Almost 3 months, I did not enter the site.
If the competition is ongoing, I will be at your fingertips ..

hope you're okey there @nabil.nassiri

how come you decided to give up on steemit?

I am very tired and I don't notice that I am developing or making an addition to myself or others. Maybe I did not succeed in this field ...
And I needed money so I meant other things and I didn't succeed in them either 😔😔😔

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Hello nabil.nassiri!

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Thank you 😊😊

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