How To Bitcoin Investment

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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is indeed being a trend now. There are even estimates that the digital currency will become a means of exchange in the future.

Indeed, now BI has already banned bitcoin and the like to be a medium of exchange in the country, but at least bitcoin can still be used as an investment instrument.

Investing in bitcoin is indeed really tempting, especially if You know spike in value so rapidly last year. Where the value reached more than Rp 250 million per 1 TB.

Even so, before You getting serious to start investing in bitcoin or crypto currency other. The following things that You need to make considerations before starting to invest.

1. Susah untuk diprediksi

Apabila nilai saham suatu perusahaan bisa diprediksi dengan melihat laporan keuangan dan isu-isu yang memengaruhi perusahaan tersebut, lain halnya dengan cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency seperti bitcoin, nilainya sangat dipengaruhi oleh tingkat kepercayaan masyarakat. Volatilitasnya bisa menjadi sangat liar.

Karena itu, sebelum Anda memulai investasi bitcoin, Anda harus sudah memiliki tingkat kewaspadaan yang tinggi karena nilainya yang sulit diprediksi.

2. Berisiko Tinggi


Although the security level is high enough, bitcoin is still arguably vulnerable to attacks by hackers. This is due to bitcoins stored in a “wallet” online which are connected in the network, so it is quite risky to be bothered by hackers.

Surely already know, if a transaction that has already happened can't be undone? In other words, if money is digital already move to another account, you can bet You won't get it back.

To minimize the risk of losing your money, You can increase the security of bitcoinmu by saving them in offline wallets or commonly referred to as cold storage. Save most of the money digital in in cold storage, simply set aside a small fraction in wallets online.

3. The advantage cryptocurrency is highly speculative

Nobody guessed if the value of Bitcoin soared beyond the ordinary at that time. From the beginning only worth tens of thousands of dollars, add up to hundreds of million rupiah. Even so, this can be likened to winning the lottery, not something that happens often.

It is the same like for example a person invests his money in American dollars before 1998. The money was only a few tens of million immediately jumped to hundreds of millions. The same as the case of bitcoin before, this is a great thing and is unlikely to happen.

4. Option investment another there are still

Because investment options are still a lot of, You should not invest all the money in bitcoin. Quite a few course. Prioritize investment in which profit and risk is clear, that the money You invest don't just settle.

It's him the four things that should be Your consideration before you start investing in bitcoin. Cryptocurrency indeed is an investment instrument that is able to provide a tremendous advantage in a fast, but You also have to understand big risk in it.

Hopefully this article can make you more careful in choosing investment instruments.


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