OMNIA Tech: Why you should use them.

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If you like myself are an avid Crypto Currency enthusiast whether it be Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other alt coins then you know how hard it is to mine these days. It almost seems like the only way to make money from the crypto market is to buy in as early as possible and sell on its highs. But like most ICO's they never flourish and often don't get to market. So what alternatives are there? Mining? Yeah right I hear you say, that's expensive, takes a lifetime to mine anything and I just simply don't have the space. Well what if I offered you an alternative? Cloud Mining!
Read on to find out more!

What is Omnia Tech then?

Omnia Tech is a large in house bitcoin & altcoin mining farm headquartered in Gibraltar, United Kingdom with farms in Iceland, Austria and later on this year in Armenia to. They have lifetime mining packages from as little as $50 all the way up to $250,000. Unlike other companies they don't oversell (they build more), they are actually lifetime contracts and they pay out daily.

How does it work?

Lets say you buy a $25,000 package the amount of hashing power you get is 142,857.5 GH/S. Now what they do with that is half your payout power to 71,428.75 GH/S which means one half covers your maintenance cost whilst the other mines for payout. If we look at a calculator and put in 71,428.75 GH/S hashing power with zero Power consumption (w), Cost per KWh ($) & Pool Fee (%) we get a total payout of $64 / per day, $447.98 / per week, $1,919.92 / per month and $23.36k / per annum. With this you are getting a lifetime contract which means this is reoccurring without any extra payments and daily payouts.

This is just one way of making money for OMNIA, another way if you join a team like OMNIA VIP Club which has a network with hundreds of Bitcoin enthusiast. You all then work together to sell below you for referral fees, matching bonuses when you get sales on different legs. There is a lot of money to be made in Bitcoin this year just before it hits the projected value of $50,000.


OMNIA Tech is one of the newest cloud mining companies around, once working with Genesis Mining they came upon a dilemma. They could no longer sell packages due to the fact genesis stopped providing packages. This affected many companies like Swiss Gold Global, Hash Flare and OMNIA too. The co founder of OMNIA has many contacts in the mining world so decided to create mega mining farms. Since summer last year OMNIA has been mining for thousands of people, all legally making sure each countries laws respected. Over the last year OMNIA went on to build 4 farms 2 in Iceland and 2 in Austria with more currently being built in Armenia. Along with this all customers of OMNIA are often invited to visit the farms and meet other clients.

Whats next?

The next thing to do if you're interested is join OMNIA on a small package of say $100 to $500 to see how it works. Please note that there is a minimum payout of around $60 so you have to wait a fortnight for the payout. With the law in most countries there also has to be a full money back guarantee so you have a 14 day cooling off period before your lifetime contract starts. I can help you set it up and show you the ropes whilst also giving you 6% back of your order. I also run Cult Crypto with my good friend @shezsheikh which has a company within OMNIA called OMNIA VIP Club, we're a network of miners who all help each other. If you comment below I can talk to you on Skype or Zoom and myself and Shez can give you all the guidance. We also have an educational site where you can learn more.

Anyway thank you for reading, comment below if you have any questions.

Bye for now!



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