Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak , Sold All His BTC at $20,000 Peak

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Mac fellow benefactor Steve Wozniak has said that he sold the majority of his Bitcoin (BTC) when the money hit $20,000 in December 2017. Money related news source Business Insider Nordic investigated Wozniak's remarks on Jan. 24.

Talking at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, Wozniak said that he previously purchased an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin when the crypto was at about $700 in light of the fact that he "needed to try different things with it." He at that point disclosed what he intended to do with it:

"My objective was to venture out to a place like Stockholm, and go to eateries and inns that just acknowledge BTC, and possibly use BTC when I travel."

All things considered, when Bitcoin achieved its untouched high of about $20,000, Steve Wozniak supposedly sold the majority of his BTC property. He stated:

"When it shot up high, I said I would prefer not to be one of those individuals who watches and watches it and thinks about the number. I don't need that sort of consideration in my life [...] Part of my joy isn't to have stresses, so I sold everything and just disposed of it."

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Steve Wozniak reasoned that he has never been into cash in any capacity before revealing "I've never utilized Apple's stock application, I don't purchase and move stock." Furthermore, Wozniak said that "just Bitcoin is unadulterated advanced gold" in a meeting, reaffirming his faith in the digital money notwithstanding having officially sold the greater part of his property at the time.

Notwithstanding when he portrayed blockchain as an air pocket taking after that of the dotcom period amid that month, Wozniak still called attention to that Bitcoin is "simply astonishing." Moreover, in October 2018, Wozniak additionally reported that he was helping to establish EQUI Global, a blockchain-centered investment support.

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While some are still waiting for the $20,000 return which may not happen in years.. Those who sold are just plain lucky, not that they knew price would not return to that spot in the next 1 year though

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He must had seen the future.

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I wish i was doing the same..


Don't feel sorry now. Past is past.

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Smart move on his part!

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Or he just was lucky...

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