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RE: How #Occupy Wall Street Echoed Bitcoin through "Proof of Voice" and "Decentralized Consensus"

in #bitcoin2 years ago (edited)

If you got all upset and thought that a vote for either Hillary or Trump was a life and death decision, you’ve been duped once again by the masters of centralized control.

I hope you realize that George Soros funded #OccupyWallSt just as hes been funding the recent American political discourse


The wealthy have funded virtually everything that exists in this world from multiple angles. If you base your participation or lack thereof on this, then you lose either way. For all you know, Soros funded Bitcoin, so now you have to sell all yours or you're morally corrupted. This logic will not work. Fuck Soros and whoever else thinks they can manipulate with money; the outcome can still be unpredictable.

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