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RE: It's Not The Perfect Time To Invest In Bitcoin Right Now!

in #bitcoin5 years ago

My visitor count on my bitcoin related website is down 98% from the peak in December and now stabilized, so I agree there is way less interest. However, I think the search interest will follow the price with a small delay. I been through many dips, and my visitors never picked up immediately when the price came back, it will need some time. Actually I think the price is the leading indicator and not the searches, from my experience.


mmh I'd agree regarding the existing investors but usually as soon as the searches spike for a new tech it skyrockets due to the massive inflow of new users.

In December at least, google searches for "buy bitcoin" peaked 14-7 days prior to the top in price ... price did appear to lead on the way up though ... like all indicators, search trends aren't 100% reliable :)

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