Peer to Peer crypto traders - You can now catch more trades without increasing your risk - Localcoinswap enables advertisement without deposit requirements!

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When you are a Peer to Peer crypto trader and you want to increase your volume or secure your future trade infrastructure, you can do this risk-free on Localcoinswap with a new feature.

Non-traders should take some time to investigate Peer to Peer trading too, it will greatly enhance your financial freedom and privacy when you buy or sell your crypto’s peer to peer instead of using KYC services.

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At Locolcoinswap you can advertise trades without deposits

Localcoinswap is an emerging Peer to Peer crypto exchange where cash trades are still allowed and KYC is not required. This gives the platform an edge over the bigger players like Localbitcoins and Paxful, where regulation is slowly destroying their usefulness. Traders can maintain their ability to trade the way they desire and reclaim their privacy by migrating to a platform like Localcoinswap.

However, by simply migrating to another platform the trader would take a huge risk, because he would exchange a high volume platform for a low volume platform and certainly decrease his own trade volume and thus his earnings. Trading parallel on both platforms until a proper customer base is established is obviously a much better solution.

In the past, even trading parallel on both platforms was risky. The trader would have to lock up the amount of his advertised trade twice: Once on the legacy platform and once on Localcoinswap as well. This comes with an opportunity cost, because the extra allocated funds can’t be used or invested anywhere else. Counterparty risk is another issue, because you have to store your funds with a 3rd party. In case of a hack or insolvency you can lose all the funds.

With this new feature you can advertise trades on Localcoinswap without the need to make a deposit. This means that you don’t need to send the funds to the platform until you catch a trade and thus be guaranteed to profit. As long as you don’t find a suited trade you won’t be exposed to any extra risk. You can hold your crypto’s securely on your hardware wallet and fund the escrow when a trade is established.

This new feature is a BIG DEAL!

This new feature eliminates all the risk of advertising your current trades parallel on Localcoinswap, while it gives some great benefits:

  • You are guaranteed to keep your current customers, while the chance to gain new customers will increase. Even if your volume on Localcoinswap is low, every trade you find here gives you extra income that you would otherwise not have while you won’t increase your risk.

  • Because Localcoinswap support cash trades, many more payments methods and crypto’s than other platforms and doesn’t require KYC, you can place advertisements that are not possible on other platforms. This will enable you to trade under the conditions you want and to reach potential customers you can’t reach on the legacy platforms.

  • Regulation will not get better, it will almost certainly get worse. Maybe today you are still able to trade on the legacy platforms like you wish, but how will it be further down the road when regulation expands? By starting to trade parallel on Localcoinswap now, you can already build your customer base and secure your income against future regulation.

  • Last but not least: By trading parallel on Localcoinswap you will help to bootstrap a non-KYC option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. As written here, there are many ways to profit from doing so. This will not only help people in emerging economies to be included in the Bitcoin revolution, but also strengthen the entire ecosystem by improving fungibility and the privacy of the users. WE MUST KEEP NON-KYC ONRAMPS TO BITCOIN AVAILABLE!


Peer to Peer cryptocurrency trading is a critical part of the Bitcoin ecosystem and regulators are cracking down on the most private ways to trade. Localcoinswap is based in Hongkong and still able to allow cash and non-KYC trades. The tradingsvolume is still low, but steadily increasing. Because you can advertise trades without the need to deposit, you can place all the advertisements you have on other platforms on Localcoinswap too, without additional expenses or risk. The UI is comparable to the other platforms and the sign up proces is very fast, so all you risk is a few minutes of your time!


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