List of Bitcoin Hacks (2012-2016)

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List of Crypto-Currency Exchange Hacks (2012-2016):

Bitcoin's biggest problem right now is confidence. Confidence builds slowly over time... but, it can be destroyed quickly. As we've all seen, a sudden lack of confidence can make the BTC price drop dramatically. When a crypto-currency exchange gets hacked, its destroys much of the confidence in the ecosystem.

Date Bitcoin Service Targeted Attack Details BTC stolen USD value
2016 Aug Bitfinex (exchange) user wallets/inside job 119,756 $66,000,000
2016 May Gatecoin (exchange) hot wallet multicurrency $2,000,000
2016 Mar ShapeShift (exchange) inside job multicurrency $230,000
2016 Mar Cointrader hot wallet 81 BTC $33,600
2016 Jan Bitstamp (exchange) hot wallet 18,866 $5,263,614
2015 Feb Bter (exchange) cold wallet/inside job 7,000 $1,750,000
2015 Feb (exchange) cold wallet/inside job n/a n/a
2015 Feb Kipcoin (exchange) cold wallet/inside job 3,000 $690,000
2015 Feb 796 (exchange) cold wallet/inside job 1,000 $230,000
2015 Jan Bitstamp (exchange) hot wallet 19,000 $5,100,000
2015 Jan Cavirtex (exchange) user database stolen n/a n/a
2014 Dec (wallet) user wallets (bug, R values) 267 $101,000
2014 Dec Mintpal (exchange) inside job 3,700 $3,208,412
2014 Aug Cryptsy (exchange) inside job multicurrency $6,000,000
2014 Mar Flexcoin (wallet) hot wallet 1,000 $738,240
2014 Mar CryptoRush (exchange) cold wallet/inside job 950 $782,641
2014 Jan Mt.gox (exchange) hot & cold wallets/inside job 850,000 $700,258,171
2013 Dec (wallet) 2-factor authentication breach 800 $800,000
2013 Nov (wallet) cold wallet/inside job 4,100 $4,370,000
2013 Nov BIPS (wallet) cold wallet/inside job 1,200 $1,200,000
2013 Nov PicoStocks (exchange) cold wallet/inside job 6,000 $6,009,397
2012 Mar Linode (webhosting) inside job 46,703 $228,845

If you know of any other crypto-currency exchange hacks not listed here... please, let me know and I'll add them to the list. Thanks.

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Man i got hacked for 272 BTC in 2012. Can anyone help me get them back?

If that's the case you lost 272 BTC in a hack in 2012, go darknet (Tor) search for hackers service maybe they can help you out ;)

I don't think that someone would really help him in Darknet.

You missed the 93btc from polo a few years back ;)
Server provider breach, completely repaid to users.