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RE: Agustin Carstens of the B.I.S. Is An Environmental Disaster And A Threat To Life On Earth

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There’s a saying that cites; “ Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and Jeff Berwick just did that.
Who is going to protect the almost 2000 people attending AnarchApulco now?
He is messing around with the wrong crowd in Mexico, armed men can break into the site where the conference will take place, they can kill all of them and guess what? They will escape without a trace. Jeff went too far criticizing the looks of the diplomat and the Mexican government pays a lot of attention to that. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of Crypto and the attendees to the conference.
Good luck to you all.


You got a point here melip... Hopefully nothing bad like that happens. But fuck these pigs must go down!!!

My father used to hung out with the high government elite in Mexico. I know how they operate and they hate acts like the one Jeff just engaged in.
Besides, people’s appearance should not be the point of criticism. We are better than that.

Totally agreed. Yet it is easier to forgive Jeff's dirty mouth versus the Elegant and Diplomatic talks of these criminals. I never forget Dr. Kings Statement "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." We are awekening and they Should know their Act is over.
We are TIRED to be loving and caring with those who are against humanity. We now discovered we've been deseived and betrayed. This is a jungle now and in the jungle you kill.

I not only see how Jeff placed thousands of people’s lives in jeopardy (understanding the killing part), but how he put the future of Cryptocurrency in danger.
It is not DIPLOMACY’S fault that negotiations have failed but the negotiators failing to use DIPLOMACY are the ones responsible for the chaos.
He lives in Mexico, he should know better. But like I said, I HOPE I’M WRONG!

Let’s not ignore the facts

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