Bitcoin Is Over $2000 And Climbing, So What Is Going On Here! By Gregory Mannarino

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Bitcoin is ripping the face off every other asset, period.
Yet so, so, many have yet to understand what is going on.

But keep ignoring Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). Oh no! Be sure to stay in the safety of the dollar! Do not even dream of exchanging just some of your dollars for Bitcoin (or another up and coming cryptocurrency)!

The fact of the matter is the general public never has even the slightest clue as to what is really going on, yet they always seem to believe that they do.

Would you like a couple of recent examples?
How about the last housing bubble?
How about the current one...

How about the last last stock market bubble?
Or the current one....

It is always the same thing over and over, and no matter what you do or say to these people it is always the same line: "this time is different."

It is never different! and if you know my work, I am always looking for opportunity and then when I find it I pounce like a raging Lion.

I have written more than a few articles on why people need to diversify out of the dollar and into cryptocurrency, here are a few titles/ links below.

"Something HUGE Just Happened To Bitcoin, and No One Even Noticed." By Gregory Mannarino
Click here:

Gold, Silver, and Yes Cryptocurrency, Are "Anti-Debt." By Gregory Mannarino
Click here:

"Are You Waiting For The "Bitcoin Bubble" to Burst? Don't Hold Your Breath." By Gregory Mannarino
Click here:

The fact still remains that even though people see, right before their eyes, a screaming opportunity they choose to ignore it, and this is why 90 plus percent of the public will remain in debt and struggling. It is very sad.

So what are people waiting for?
Will they ever be able to think outside the box?
Generally no.

What can those of us do to make people understand where opportunity is?

If there is one thing, just one, I wish I could do better it would be this: have the ability to make a positive difference.

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Please check out my post on how cryptocurrencies cannot be stopped and about the dollar vigilantes slant on it
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Bitcoin has topped off for now i think...

Allow me to throw a link to my blog explaining this:

I agree the trend is up though long term. But believe the top is in for now.

Please give your comment here or on my blog would love a discussion regarding the price of bitcoin and other cryptos.


I went into a Bank yesterday and bought 2,000 Nickels for a 100 Dollar Federal Reserve (Debt) Note... There was a time when you'd have to pay 5, Twenty Dollar Gold Coins for the same amount of Nickels... Think about that for a while...

Its going 300-600 this year IMO, dogecoin might be another one to pick up as its accepted as currency for online retailers

I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the info. Might have to buy some more ETH. I do some writing for if you want to follow me.

Its at 156 now...might be 200 by end of june

You just started following Gregory Mannarino? Man, you're in for a treat! :)

Excellent points as usual! That said, one can't eat or drink any of this. Investing in long term food storage & warm shelter from profits that are garnered, however, can save your family's lives. More people die from contaminated water, starvation, & exposure in hard times. All critical investments. And we'll need each other to survive to get through what Greg has been warning us about.

These stores are also a hedge against dollar devaluation!

Well said. I'm a PM man but first things first....Food + Water!!

Heck yes it is. Looking for a 1/10 relationship with ETH over the coming months as well ;)

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Greg, You're The Man !!

AND to others out there... Follow me, I'll Follow You...

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G'Day Greg, Great article, Just setup a steemit account and started following you are my first follow. Keep up the good work!!

Once it catches mainstream Bitcoin is over. I'm sure it's already caught the attention of the establishment and they have their plans for it.

It's mysterious origins are as well a major concern of mine. Nobody can trace its origins and who created it. Used mysteriously black market.. look I love to have alternatives but I am allowed to be pessimistic; especially considering how they easily control gold and silver prices.

I disagree you know what happens when you ban criminals from doing things.... they keep doing it. Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency) has gotten to the point that if its banned it will be valued even more. Also people who realize the freedom and empowerment over it will push even harder to support it. If gold and silver prices were decentralized they would rapidly seeks a more true market value.... hmmm maybe that's a market place we can add to Steem or other crypto.... doing metals.

but that's exactly my point. It's not underground anymore. Topside it's going $1000 ++ and if the hot money flows, the establishment wants its pound of flesh. If they busted the silk road, they will bust the large transfers and trace it. Look, it's just a word of warning. This world is rotten and opportunities are there for those savy enough to exit without attention. We shall see. I wish I bought it at $5 BTC back in 2009. I just didn't know how to get it. However I would definitely set aside an amount to pay capital gains or income tax whatever.. only reason death and taxes are guaranteed in life.

Yes this is sage advice.

Most people do not welcome change even if it is good for them. For some folks it is easier to wear a worn out pair of shoes even though they need new ones. They are comfortable with the feel and are lazy. it takes time to go out and get that new pair of shoes and then it takes time to break them in. That is the same way with the currency. Most folks are comfortable with the dollar even though they know it is in need of repair or replacement like that old pair of shoes. In buying a new pair of shoes there is a trust curve as to if they will work so to is the trust curve with Crypto and metals if you never had them. I hope that answers your question. You may welcome change and may be progressive however most folks are not especially with money. AS FOR ME BRING ON THE GOLD SILVER AND CRYPTO CURRENCY I AM IN AD LOVING IT!!!!!

You're making a huge difference Greg, at least for people with eyes to see, and ears to hear. You can only really help those that are willing to help themselves.

Unfortunately some people just can't be reached Greg, your info has certainly helped me and your followers. Thanks for that !

When will we have GregCoin or LionCoin?

You are making a very positive difference to peoples lives Greg, and we have lot to be thankful for and in debt to you long term. At least I know I do. Thanks.

Anyone interested in stock tips, investing ideas and success info can check out my steemit blogg. Cheers!

I sense a pullback in the bitcoin to around $1400. a bitcoin but only temporarily

I hope so, Ill throw 10K at that....buying more ETH every chance too.

Where are you buying it from? In the USA it sucks to find somewhere without a bunch of negative reviews and horror stories.

Ive stuck with coinbase for my ETH purchases

No problems with coinbase? What's with all the horror reviews? Lost out on 1300 bitcoin and 60.00 etherium,, all because I didn't trust coinbase. So I bought silver. I want to buy crypto but something tells me..... something ain't right

I have not had a problem with Coinbase.

Coinbase is great,just my opinion!

I buy with Coinbase and then send it to an offline paper wallet. It's then out of the system and can't be hacked.

I buy ETH from gemini. Coinbase' ID verification sucks.

as always thank you for keeping us all up to date!!

It is interesting with the price action in bitcoin since unlike silver and gold it cannot be dropped due to exorbitant amount of paper contracts backed by nothing like gold and silver situation that they are in currently. It is likely that it will have a pullback on price since rarely if ever there is a straight line up in price action. It maybe also impacted that the dollar went down during this week.

I know silver is manipulated,cant the powers to be also manipulate crypto currencies?

The market (wall street) would likely have some issues with pricing since banks hold little bitcoins at this time. National banking institutions (BOE, Federal Reserve, etc.) have physical gold and silver which gives them more of an ability to sell contracts on those metals. Bitcoin so far is held so little by the banks that they may only to create derivatives. Which do not need any sort of backing, and don't effect pricing since they respond to price.

Can we really be 100% certain that this is the case? Banks have almost unlimited resources and there's not many bitcoins in existence. - Just a thought...

Banks do have a lot of resources, but there is a problem with them taking ownership. If the bitcoin community saw that Banks were getting a big ownership stake people would drop it. Then the banks would likely absorb the loss since they bought high then it dropped. The whole sales point with bitcoin is that it is not bank controlled. Bitcoin has shown it can drop fast (example MT. GOX). In all likelyhood if they are going to go after Bitcoin it will be propaganda. They will openly associate it with crime attempt to make it illegal. If they get it to be illegal the first person they bust will likely be made example of. The price will go down significantly as some in the community would not want to go to jail. At that point it would be a underground payment system.

A few years back I took the plunge and bought $100 worth of bitcoins. A few months later the value of my bitcoins reached about $1000. I then tried to withdraw some of my profit but I was about a month too late to withdraw. I was with My Box and today I am still waiting for my payout. I am having g a hard time convincing myself to get back into it. However Steemit appears to be a great way to get back into the crypto currency band wagon. Gregory thanks for letting me know about Steemit.

Are you in the US? If so what's the easiest safest keT expensive.... In other words, where do you buy bitcoin or any other coin without getting F%^€d? Really would like to get a bit before it's out of reach but no worries, got another silver stack for now.... money in hand equals power in my hand😃

Coinbase is probably the easiest in the US. Gemini is good too.

I am in the US. I currently do not buy bitcoins. I too prefer precious metals for now.

Great article Greg. Thanks!

Great post. Upvoted already. I would be very thankful if you visit my page or upvote my photos Keep doing the great work!

Again, great points Greg! It always seems obvious in retrospect, but by then it's too late or too expensive.

I went into a Bank yesterday and bought 2,000 Nickels for a 100 Dollar Federal Reserve (Debt) Note... There was a time when the same amount of Nickels would cost you 5, Twenty Dollar Gold Coins... Think about that one for a while...

Greg knows what's up!

You are plethora of information sir. Thank you for your posts.

There's none so blind as those who will not see.

I've been looking at "where" to buy. Here in the US, it seems it's coinbase, lots of neg reviews, coinmama, some negative reviews and now Gemini.... where does one start?

Excellent Gregory! Resteemed

Thank you again for another timely post. I've been watching ETH all weekend and can barely catch my breath as it runs. Bought some more
and will hope to catch a dip...but cost-averaging is the way to go. Thanks for continuing to put your time into sharing with us.

I read from a post bitcoin will grow up $3000 in 2017

Good stuff as always.

I agree Greg!

Hi Greg thanks again for the report. Can someone please help me? I'm trying to work out what the effects of this crash will be on New Zealand where I live, I've got gold and silver with no debt and a lot of cash in the bank. Is our currency here in jeopardy too? Any comments welcomed, thanks guys.

Greg at the End of the day The Elite Asset is the the old Mighty dollar !!!

Ok. Greg, this is truly insane, but you are right. Bitcoin is the only way to go. I am going to invest some now.... I think when the market finally crashes, bitcoin is going to 5000.

Thank you Gregory, great post!

Well better late than never Greg but seems you were a bit late seeing what was coming with the cryptos. Guess what? They are becoming THE MARKET because the central banks killed the other one. The cryptos will find a price that REVALUES all the fakery. Hang on tight!

I believe !! Buy buy buy, next sell sell sell !!! Freakin Period. Done. Out

Great posts Greg......Really like your market outlook....sharing of your crypto updates..and all the free services & product giveaways....u have done over a long time for all of your followers..........thank you....I am ur follower.


Hey Greg, dont forget ETH its been on a tear of late too. Cheers!!

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Good job Greg, I follow you on you tube but will read you blogs over here as well. I feel like a bull in a China Shop, stumbling around this site, very nervous about posting anything, but I like you work as well as Greg Hunter. Keep up the good and I do pass on you video's to my friends to try and "wake" them up.

Again, thank you for the informative information.

Following. Thanks Greg

At this point I think other crypto's are more interesting (if you want to make a higher % return), such as Litecoin, Monero and Veritaseum Veritas (IPO going now). I still think that Bitcoin will do well in the long-term and that we are still ways away from a significant (multi-year) top.

BTC and Ethereum has been on escalating in price and will continue to do so if the public understood the massive manipulation by government and central banks that has caused distortion in our monetary system.

Great post!
It only will get greater later!
Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)

Bitcoin and Steemit - TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
Thanks Greg The Lion Mannarino for you insights.

drop at $2300 expected ?

great...resteem and upvote for you....

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