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"What if you had an abundance of wealth?"

When I hear the term cryptocurrency, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bitcoin. While bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency stirring up waves, It's my assertion that this has created the landscape for this new technology to foster and possibly spark a revolution in the way we view money and the way we transact with it.

Apart from the features that are attached to each cryptocurrency, trading them can become quite a lucrative venture and have lead to the spur of a new generation of millionaires, billionaires and beyond.

While cryptos are not the only means of generating an income, my views when writing this article was with cryptos in mind. Trading is by no means an easy get rich quick approach and have often led to the opposite. However there have been a few who have struck gold by hopping on the crypto wagon early or by skillfully trading it, resulting in more wealth than they could have ever dreamed of.

If you were to put yourself in a similar situation, what would the future look like? How different would the world be if you amassed wealth in the millions if not billions?

"Weather you have a buck or a billion of them, I welcome you to share your thoughts and aspirations."

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