Living On Bitcoin For A Week

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Morgan Spurlock, best known for the documentary film Super Size Me, has produced another short film about Bitcoin titled, Living On Bitcoin For A Week.

Here is the full documentary for you to enjoy.

Living on Bitcoin for a Week


Great post, thanks!

Love it!

I was considering a parody where my "Shift" card arrives in the mail and I stock up in booze.....

What happened to that guy. He looks terrible and isnt aging very well. Will have to watch this though beca

Supersize Me probably took years off of his life.

gold for nerds 😂😂😂

Great post @luzcypher
I put the same video up yesterday :P I'm sure it will get more traffic from here :)

I have to watch it! I didn't know about this documentary!!! Thank you so much

Fantastic find!! Thanks!


I will watch and re-reply but I remember watching him in Super-Size Me which was painful but important...

Anti-McDonalds in 1987 was the start, over Donald getting its meat from central america - cows taking over rainforest, I boycotted over political and environmental reasons.

Thanks. For your service.

Joe Manchin

the governor of my state... I don't know if I should admit that.

"He said we don't know what their intentions are..."

When referring to bitcoin.

BUT wait, hold up.

I thought WE control it.

He should take some of his advice and apply it to the us dollar.
Then we wouldn't of had a need for cryptocurrency anyway.

plus he clearly does not understand how things work.

"Bitcoin is Gold for Nerds if you will" - What a Dick. Why couldn't he have just said "Digital Gold".

Can someone tell me why that coffee shop had a minimum spend for Bitcoin? He said it was to protect against volatility but how does setting a minimum spend do that?

Exactly. I caught that too. I think he just sold the crew some coffee.

I would of thought there wouldn't be any minimum spend as the sender is already paying the transaction fee.

I truly recommend his movie "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"! It's great movie to understand how actually movies are made and how promotions and companies insert commercials in movies :)
For sure you will want POM grenade juice after the movie! :)

I have seen that movie. Very good.

Thanks for this. I like this guy but I really don't know anything about Bitcoin. :) So I'm checking out the video...and I'm new to steemit. Learning as I go!!