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RE: $20,000 (7BTC) Stolen from Bittrex (captured live on video) Huge lesson learned

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@seymourbucks what do you think about cold storage? putting btc on a usb memory stick - is it okay? or better to go with trezor. Also wha do you think about password managers? They kinda freak me out


Never store Your everything in 1 spot is the key... Even if a hacker gets to one thing, it doesnt give them the keys to the kingdom.. Password managers are horrible... Just Like the Autosave feature for credit cards.. passwords usernames... People usually choose Convenience over security... If something will save them time.. they just go with it... That is what hackers love.. Put all the keys in one dish (program / area).. Set all your accounts to the same information.. And they already won.

Thanks Seymourbucks - you have a bright future -can certainly help a lot of people. I took a intro to cyber security class two years back. I would like to get into some type of programming but keeping people safe - well thats just an honorable profession

its a very fun career field... my wife hates all the things I show her I can do (calls it scary)... but its like hiring a bank robber to rob a bank but instead he tells them how he did it and how to prevent it..

awesome. now I hate my job even more....

I was hacked once for $1K for a plane ticket to Norway... Since then I dont trust anything on the internet.. and the second i think I clicked something shady I reformat my computer

even that - reformatting pc to avoid hacks- seems like it could be a big money post - the majority of people rarely do that stuff so really don''t have a clue where to start. AND there is opportunity on Steemit with the recent class of 44k newbs like me . Hey Seymour -are you into ICOS?

Well I think a Trezor is pretty secure!

I have a few that I keep on USB myself but with that you could always lose the USB.. You cant keep the password on the USB (thats like handing keys over to somebody) so if you lose that you are screwed.. I haven't tried a Trezor so I cant really speak on that.... ...

Get some USB's put your bitcoin away on them with some cold storage wallets.. ... Put your password in multiple places PHYSICALLY.. Hackers aren't going to break into your house steal a piece of paper and then go hack your account...

As for the 2FA... that one is tricky and takes some social engineering.. I'll look into some hacker forums.. if there is a program that can copy Google Authority or SMS 2FA.. they will say it...

sounds smart - I bought a little fire and water proof safe around 50$ to keep stuff in - but yes I agree paper is smart.

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