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RE: Stop Using Coinbase for Bitcoin and Ethereum Purchases!

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Unfortunately, Kraken verificaiton of anything past tier 1 (so, required to deposit USD) is backed up at least a month at the moment, with no end in sight.


It took approximately 10 days for me to get verified for tier 2

I just got verified last week for tier 1, took 9 days.

My experience was similar. I got nearly instant verification for tier 1, but that didn't let me make a deposit. I submitted all my documents that day, and have emailed support several times, however I am still waiting for verification over a month later.

How can I be anonymous with all these documents ?

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After buying cryptocurrency, convert it to one of the ones that champion privacy on an exchange, send it to a wallet that you're not publicly connected to, and then no one knows who you are.

I have heard that as well. Tough times for folks who still want to use fiat currency.

It's not that folks want to use it, it's that rent has to be paid in fiat.

I'm at a month now as well for Kraken Tier 2 verification.