Bitcoin is to touch 12000$

in bitcoin •  last year

as i told bitcoin will be 25000$ in 2018 now bitcoin travel to 12000$  ,3000$ move sudden in just 1 week wow its so amazing for those people who has investment ,so shy bitcoin wont able to stop right now .

Because ? more and more investors are comment ? Yes

Because ? Social media and Tv media advertising without fees ? Yes

Bitcoin become a celebrity now ,every one want to buy it without hesitate o yeah its so high right now //

You can buy a low budget car with 1 bitcoin 

you can buy a big budget car ? Yes wait for next year you can do it too :D

As if you put your money into bank what you will get ? only 1 to 5 percent profit per year and the bank will use your money and make billions just give you nothing ?///

Investing money into bank is waste of money but beware as World bank and international Law is against bitcoin ?Yes because bitcoin getting huge capital and many black money makers and buying bitcoin in greed of future and for making huge profit

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For God Sake remove flag from my post i have investment money to boost my post please my post is free of spam

Spam is not the only reason for downvoting, overvalued poorly written content is also a reason for me.

Buy upvotes at your own risk.


@transisto ok sir i will try to write more good content next time please remove flag i urge you :(


Hmm dude try to produce something valuable, then no body will have a reason to downvote.
Thanks for understanding

I'm a happy holder!

I am putting more of my investment in btc and crypto @lays, it is life changing and this is the chance for laymen like me to be able to accumulate capital..i don´t like the idea of borrowing money from the bank so crypto is the way!!!
thank you for your posting

I never stop loving bitcoin, it's really the best coin ever made ☺


you are right brother

i guess it will bitcoin rise to $20,000 in 2018
thank you for shareing @lays


$20,000 seems to be a very conservative target for me. It should definitely cross $ 35000.

Seems money in the form of Bitcoin creating money.

yes @lays. That is the good news.

@lays upvoted brother

Just when i thought it was going to dip

Next is BCH's turn.

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Bitcoin is on a TEAR !!!

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Bitcoin is on a tear and I don't see it stopping anytime soon, which is why I have my money here. More and more people are getting into the trend, but some much later than others. If you can catch a trend before it becomes a fad, then that is how you make some serious money. Nice post- gonna give you a follow for more quality content

Seems money in the form of Bitcoin creating money. Depends what will happen next

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It is already over $12000 on bitshares!

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