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RE: Boom! I Took the Top Spot in Bitcoin Influence Online Today and Steemit is Rising Quickly.

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Woa... tracking well. Nice. Word is getting out. People need to stop trying to focus on getting people in just to get people in (like trying to get pornography) and simply make Steemit a quality platform and spread the word of mouth. It takes time to grow. Stop trying to grow with low quality shit fast, and grow with higher quality over time. Thanks for the work on spreading the word!



Steemit offers a better deal for porn stars than porn sites. By censoring, we're just ensuring that the old patterns repeat themselves. This isn't an argument for porn, it's an argument against this pointless censorship.

Nah, you don't get it. It's about what is about, what the community wants this place to be about. Does the facebook community want porn in general? No, so it's not allowed there. Does anyone want child porn? No. No one, not facebook, nor steemit, allows it. But that's censorship too. Making an argument based on an appeal to censorship is a fallacy. Think of the community quality standards first before user or monetary quantity influx.

I love the passive tactic of just sharing our content all over and talking about our success. Gimmicks are old school, let's do it through word of mouth.

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