Bounty:10 Steem: What is your favorite BTC wallet and why?

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Its been a while since ive been changing my wallets on phone and so I wanted to know what are good wallets to use as hot wallet on your phone and PC.

They need to be:

  • Safe and Secure and manage keys of course. They are supposed to be real wallets
  • Easy to use
  • Have good feature set to mange keys and addresses (like i want to be able to create a new address for privacy purposes)
  • What other coins to they support (this is secondary but not insignificant)

Let me know what you think the best wallets are and why


It looks like many are confused as to what I am looking for: this is for a wallet on your phone or PC to be used as a hot wallet. This means spending money and amounts i would be happy with carrying in my pockets.

Not looking for

  • things that are unrelated to the above
  • exchanges
  • hw wallets
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I love Copay, because:

  • it's multi-platforms (available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, Max OS X, and Windows);
  • it's a true bitcoin wallet, not an account service;
  • it's secure, with multiple signatures, or just one;
  • manage multiple users;
  • securely stores multiple, distinct bitcoin wallets;
  • manage personal, business, and testnet wallets easily, all without leaving the app;
  • when you send money to a Payment Protocol-enabled merchant, Copay securely verifies that your payment will go to the right place.
  • app and server are both open source.

I think you'll like it too, @knircky... ;)

I think i must try it. Thanks for answerignmy question

Well, let me know... Thank you! :)

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On the desktop I use Exodus - it's great! Supports multiple currencies and provides the inbuilt exchange (through ShapeShift). The support service also responds quickly and professionally, I'm fully satisfied.

Funny story happened right now, BTW. I tried to exchange Golem for Status, but the transaction failed and I got the Golem back minus the commission. I wrote to the support, they responded quickly and promised to refund the fee (about 2.83 GNT). Funny how they refunded 12.83 GMT, 10 coins more than the loss was. Not sure if that's intentional, but you can see why I love it, right?

And on the mobile I have Jaxx but I don't really use it, because I have Exodus, which is heaps better anyhow.

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Phone: bread wallet(pretty easy to use) and (you need to manually add BTC now)
PC: electrum (safe)

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My favorite BTC wallet is coinbase. Because it's cost free & multiple layer of security. Also its a user friendly (easy to use). If user want create their new address they can easily create. Coinbase support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Airbitz/Edge Wallet (iOS and Android)

"Edge proudly ships with native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Augur REP, and Wings tokens. We’re also the only multi-asset mobile wallet that allows users to manually add ERC-20 tokens that we don’t natively support!"

Hope this helps.


EDIT: (forgot the why)
P.S. Have been using them for years and have NOT had any problem with my PRIVATE KEYS.

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i personally prefer Jaxx wallet loaded onto an external hard drive. Jax allows you to manage your keys and has a constantly growing number of cryptos available.

aside from jaxx my #2 is exodus

I am also looking into Agama because I hear their devs are working on cross chain atomic swaps.

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I have a coinbase account. which i used to deposit or withdraw btc/eth or other coins. till now i have not any face any problem with this.

Anyway, If you find more secure wallet, don't forget to share with us. Thank you.

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I am very content with on my macbook.
Easy to use, secure, friendly userface.
No problems till now. :)

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Well I can name Armory wallet for pc, it's one of most secure wallet I know, also it matchs with all your requested features, so it's one of best wallets. Concerning mobile apps, I dont recomend saving big amounts of btc there, its very risky, for small amounts I am using app and had no issue with it since using it almost two years, but again, I dont recomend saving of big amounts there

again, this is for spending money. So we are concerned about usability foremost.

Well, as I mentioned app is very good candidate, it's very simple and hes all features, that you need, also you can store there ETH and BCH too, I'm also using it, just try and check it, you can download it from appstore or google play, or find links on

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Just use Ledger Nano and be safe about it. Trezor will work as well, but you need a hardware wallet for any serious cash.
Light wallets on phones, are just begging to get robbed.

I would also make sure that you 2FA your email, if you have any information about your crypto on there, and definitely do it on Coinbase and other exchanges, if you chose to keep funds there.

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i think Coinbase is best. its very easy to use. and also suport Bitcoin Cash , Etherium and Litecoin

. and its charges very low fee ..

so think this is best ...

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I have used Coinbase and Xapo, both seem simple to use and very safe. They work for iOS and Android.

they are not wallets in the sense that you control the keys.

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You may not find the answer you expect, because each wallet has its characteristic that distinguishes it, so I'm going to give you some considerations that will surely serve you more:

-Be careful with online services.
-Diversify the place where you keep the coins, do not keep them in the same wallet.
-Make a full backup of your wallet.
-Encrypt your backups online.
-Make backup copies regularly.
-Use a secure password.
-Consider the multiple signature to protect against theft.
-Never forget your password
-The savings should be stored in an offline wallet.
-Keep your software updated.

And why not ... think about your testament.

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i think coinbase is relaible and cryptonator have multifuction of exchange, both are secured multisteep for login and transaction.

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My choices are

  • Trezzor:best hardware bitcoin wallet,never exposes your private key,can be harmed by malware,easy to use ,hot wallet.

  • Jaxx: one of my fav ,user interface is awesome,easy to use ,multi currency wallet including Bitcoin.good privacy ,security,wallet linking on multiple platforms on pc ,android, ios.

To be honest, I don't use a Bitcoin Wallet yet. I have divided my coins into different Exchanges.

However, I have considered the ledger nano for the future, although it still seems to have some small problems.

Theoretically ledger wallet is most non secure wallet , this is due to the fact that ledger is using chrome browser for gui and its very easy to crack it,automaticaly change reciving adress and amounts of BTC and ect

I just want to tell you I have a couple of wallets to use for my crypto wallet, because most of them do not compromise their conditions after a short time, but can assure that there is good use there, in the window we are not very safe .. Using a different wallet. So there are all these wallets for me .. @knirchy

Personally I don't use hot wallets anymore, but I used to have Jaxx (I have an Android phone). Jaxx works pretty intuitive and it supports quite a few coins/tokens

It also generates new addresses every time since it is an HD wallet :-)

Currently the only hot wallet-ish app I have is Coinbase for pocket change to buy a few beers at crypto events. Totally not safe, but it is for the small money anyway.

Jaxx is my favorite as well

very funny and crazy this will be, but i just wanna tell you i have a couple of wallet i use for my crypto wallet, because most of them adjust their terms after a short while, but can assure there are some wallet out there that good to use, on windows we have very secure only for pc, not mobile, though charges a little bit high, another too is cryptonator both on the web and mobile app... coinbase too another wallet.. so for me i have all this wallet.. @knirchy

I have come to think that this is a possible solution, but I wrote a post to my followers to find out.

I'm using :) It's for beginners super easy to receive transactions. :)

Blockchain.Info - the most popular and old wallet - very convenient bitcoin wallet
CoinPayments - supports many cryptonyms

@knircky Coinbase is the best bitcoin I love using because of there security structure and simple and clean UI

I agree its one of the best, but its not a wallet in the sense that it allows to manage my keys very well

Dafuq you talking about, it's not a wallet at all

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In my opinion coinbase is the best BTC wallet for us..Because..

is the world's largest Bitcoin broker. Customers can buy bitcoin with a connected bank account, SEPA transfer, Interac Online, and many more payment methods.

Coinbase can also be a software wallet that can help you store, buy, and sell bitcoins. There is also a feature where you can request money, either in USD or BTC

For those reason , If someone say me, what is the best btc wallet, I chose Coinbase...

For me I love Binance. I learn how to trade with this wallet and it keeps all sort of coins in stock for you.

The most interesting part of this wallet is that its GI is user friendly and so easy to learn

binance is an exchange not a wallet.


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Whats thats mean?

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With all due respect my friend i have already told you these are my accounts, but i made them for different reasons!
And i am not using!
Will you please stop doing this?

Hey @knircky,

i did not have any BTC Wallet or even an account on other projects, markets so it might be time to open one. Feel free to drop me some Infos and Links into Discord, like a referal one for bittrex maybe ;-) ?

Thanks for all the Support.

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I prefer coinomi to store my crypto assets:

  1. Tons of coins.
  2. Ethereum + ethereum tokens supported + advanced settings for ethereum transactions.
  3. Tether supported
  4. Shapeshift and changelly exchange integrated.
  5. Set transaction fees manually, unlimited addresses
  6. Segwit supported
  7. Quick to support forks (Bitcoin and other forks like recent one calisto)
  8. Awesome support (email them or ask any question in their telegram)
  9. Just keep master pharase secure and recover your funds anytime anywhere
  10. Sign/verify addresses
  11. Sweep wallet

I have been using Coinomi since 2k14 and experience has been top notch so far. If you have any doubts feel free to ask :)

Here is review I did quite a while back, feel free to check it out:

Oh boy, clearly I need to write a couple posts about the difference between wallets and exchanges. So many people are posting about exchanges and that is scary....really scary.

Before I spend to much time with an answer, would you prefer my thoughts on hardware wallets, mobile, or desktop? I've used many of these and have a few I wasn't happy with and my top picks.

Honestly I think if you have any level of investment in BTC you need to consider having more then 1 wallet to protect yourself in case of a future security flaw. If you have a lot of BTC then we need to talk about true cold storage and making sure it's stored on a devise that has never touched the internet.

I actually have considered buying a new laptop to use for my wallets only. Never logging onto any websites. For $500 I can buy a lot of piece of mind.

I'm just looking for hot wallet so stuff on my phone and PC. I was hoping to get a nice list and maybe find something I had not tried before. If you come up with a list make sure to use a high level post.

My boiler blew up last night so not happening today. Trying to figure out if it's salavagable or if I'm looking at a $4-5k unexpected expense. Bad timing for me as my Wife was recently rear ended by an uninsured driver, our sewer collapsed out by the street, and we've had multiple other big hits...hope this is the last thing as it keeps stopping me from buying more steem.

I will make a list for sure. But honestly most of the ones I'll name are the bigger names that you might have tried mainly because I have a hard time trusting new...there is just so much money involved there are to many scammers out there.

Will try to put this together either tonight or tomorrow...I can't half ass my responses as you have probably figured out from past